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The power of understanding, in two days

Identifying the needs of learners can be a challenge and sometimes specialist help is hard to come by.
That’s why we’ve created a two-day accreditation workshop to upskill special education teachers, teachers and learning support staff, helping them take the next step in understanding the barriers that learners face.

Because who better to understand the needs of learners than the people closest to them, their teacher.


About the ABLE workshop

We deliver face-to-face ABLE training, across two days. This practical workshop is designed to support and upskill primary and secondary teachers, special educators and learning support staff to help assess a student’s cognitive ability, academic achievement, cognitive skills and social-emotional learning.

At this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • the key facets of administration, scoring, interpretation and reporting using various assessment tools
  • how to put your knowledge into practice by using our most popular user-level B assessments, while supervised by experts

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be accredited to use our gold-standard user-level B assessments that will help you understand and support the needs of struggling learners.


Learn from the experts

This two-day workshop is co-developed and facilitated by teacher and psychologist, Dr John Munro and our very own assessment expert and psychologist, Stewart D’Silva.

Ongoing support

We’re here to help you along the way.

Once you've completed our two-day workshop, you'll have ongoing support from an ABLE workshop supervisor as well as our team of psychologists.

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We have workshops available in all states across Australia, as well as one in Auckland, New Zealand.

Private workshops are also available for group bookings. Contact us to find out more.



Words from our ABLE accredited teachers

"Every teacher should do this course to better equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding of standardised testing and
the true meaning behind the scores.
It has only made me become a better teacher,
so I thank you for extending my professional capabilities.”

Sarah Birrell
Manly Vale primary school

“I walked in, heard the word ‘statistics’ and wanted the earth to swallow me! By the end of Day 1, I was loving [it] and miraculously understanding statistics! Amazing! Day 2 was extremely practical with bucket loads of valuable information and resources. Couldn’t stress enough how valuable Stewart and Nick made this training.”

Fiona Goodall
Learning Support Coordinator
Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School



Watch, learn, ask, participate.

Learn more from our expert consultants by registering for our webinars on Social-Emotional Learning and Special Education.
We also have premium webinars hosted by and experts in the field, including Dr John Munro, co-developer of the ABLE workshop.


Identifying and supporting the gifted
and talented students: with special guest
Professor John Munro


Using Toe by Toe to support reluctant
readers: with special guest
Sue Austin


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I know they could do better: Screening
a student's potential vs current

Don't tip-toe around the problem:
An introduction to screening for
and tackling reading difficulties across
home and school

The other side of achievement: Social Emotional Learning.

Watch recording Watch recording Watch recording


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