Pearson Clinical Assessment is launching a new website, and as a result, the shopping cart will be disabled for a short period on August 25, from 8pm to 11pm.

We may take longer to deliver than normal due to local and international delivery delays. To get your learning resources straight away digital products are also available to purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

Business System Updates

As part of Pearson’s commitment to provide you with the best possible service, we have made several updates to our internal systems and processes. 


Order Fulfillment

We are anticipating a short shipment delay for physical products throughout October. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


Key Business System Changes

  1. New User levels
    To align with Pearson’s global standards, we have consolidated our user levels to either an A, B or C. These new levels have come into effect.


  2. New product identifiers
    Clinical products will no longer only use the standard 13-digit ISBN number. New Product identifiers will be visible.


  3. New account numbers
    You have been assigned a new account number. Please contact customer service for any help locating your new number,


  4. Sales Order Acknowledgement notifications
    You will receive a Sales Order Acknowledgement (SOA) document every time an order is placed or updated. This will be sent by email only and will confirm each product within your order, including any items on backorder.


  5. Sales Invoice no longer included with product Sales Invoices are emailed once the order is dispatched. In place of the sales invoice in the box, you’ll find a priced packing slip. This packing slip lists all confirmed items in your delivery, and will provide you with additional information, including both the ship-to and bill-to addresses, ship date, freight type and purchase order number.


  6. New document format and design
    The documents you receive from Pearson (such as the sales invoice) now have an updated format and design. Download the guide to our new documents.


  7. Returns process
    Please continue to contact Pearson customer service if you want to return a product. If eligible, Pearson will provide a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) document. This document will be valid for 60 days and will need to be included with the product being returned.


  8. New Returns policy
    A new returns policy has been introduced. Goods are returnable within 12 months of purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I know what my new User Level is?
    When you login into your account on the Pearson Clinical Australia website, a pop-up message will appear, detailing your new user level. It will also be visible on your My Account page after you login.


  2. If my User level changes, will I still be able to purchase the same products?
    For the most part the user level principle will remain the same and you will be able to access the same products you have always used and trusted. Some products will change, and this will be outline on our website. We have tried to ensure that if you have previously been able to access the product, you will continue to have access to record forms.


  3. Will any of the changes affect the way I access my Q-global account?
    All owners of Q accounts will continue to be able to order and access assessments as normal. The only change is that user level T (Teacher) account owners will be asked to nominate someone in their organisation who is a user level B.


  4. Can I still search for products on the website using the previous ISBN?
    Yes. There will be several new product identifiers on our product pages, but you can continue to search using the old ISBN.


  5. Why is my account number changing again?
    The new account number is a result of our system upgrade. You will also be able to find your new account number on the documents you now receive from Pearson.


  6. Will I be able to continue ordering using my old Pearson account number?
    Yes, you can continue using your current Pearson account number to order products. Although once your new account number becomes available, we encourage you to update your records and activities with the new account number.


  7. How do I know which email address will receive the Sales Invoice?
    The email address you use to login to your account at the time of ordering is the address that will receive the Sales Invoice. If you would like to change this, please contact our Customer Service team.


  8. Will I have to do anything with the Sales Order Acknowledgement?
    No, this is simply an email confirmation that your order has been received.


  9. Where can I review the new format of the documents I receive?
    Download the guide to our new documents.