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How can I review my audio recordings?

As you review items, you may want to refer to the audio recording or observational notes you took during the assessment to ensure that you have scored items properly. As you administer certain subtests, Q-interactive automatically records a client’s responses (if the microphone was enabled).

You can listen to these responses any time after subtest administration and prior to removing the battery from ‘Assess’. This functionality can be enabled/ disabled within ‘Settings’ on your iPad. Review Chapter 1 for additional instructions for disabling audio recordings.


  1. To access the audio recording, tap the “Sidebar” icon. Tap the Subtest name and then the item you wish to review

  2. Tap the ‘Speaker’ icon to listen to the audio recording. You can navigate to the subsequent or previous item through the arrows in the upper-right corner.

  3. Tap the Play arrow to begin playback. If you don’t hear audio, be sure your iPad isn’t muted and the volume is turned up

To check the Microphone is Enabled:

Go to:  Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Assess