Independent living

Independence is often an important part of a happy, healthy life in later years. We help clinicians every day to bring more independence to their client’s lives with gold standard clinical tools, backed by guidance and support.

From our tools to the clinician, and from the clinician to the client, we know it’s important to keep the client front of mind and help add life to days not just add days to life.

Independent living
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Adaptive behaviour

Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System (ABAS-3)

Questionnaire-based assessments that test adaptive behaviour.
This tool tries to answer the question ‘How independent is this person, and in what areas and at what level do they need support?’.

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Activities of daily living

DriveSafe DriveAware (DSDA)

An iPad based cognitive screening tool that measures a driver’s awareness of their environment and abilities. DSDA predicts the likelihood of passing an on-road assessment.
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Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (VABS-3)

Administered as either a questionnaire or interview, the
Vineland measures personal and social skills needed for everyday
living and assesses adaptive behaviour.

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Independent Living Scales (ILS)

A task-based tool that assesses an adult’s capability to care for themselves.


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Texas Functional Living Scales (TFLS)

A task-based screening tool that helps to identify the level of care an individual needs.

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Watch, learn, ask, participate.

We can provide learning and support in the administration, scoring and interpretation of our assessments. You’ll have room to ask questions and hear from experts. Plus the webinars are free of charge – all you need to do is register below.

It’s about taking the confusion away and supporting the growth of all clinicians, so clients are treated and supported with confidence.





29 May

Explore the effectiveness of DriveSafe DriveAware 
through multiple case studies.

28 Aug

Using measures of adaptive behaviour to assess adult independent living skills.

20 Sep

DriveSafe DriveAware research round-up.

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An Introduction and overview to the Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System-3.

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