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As we live longer, memory plays an ever more important role in our quality of life. We work with clinicians every day to help improve understanding of client frustrations, needs and outcomes. All of our memory resources are gold standard, validated and backed with expert implementation support and guidance.

Because we know that the best resources help achieve the best outcomes. And the best outcomes are essential for quality of life.

Memory assessment tools
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Wechsler Memory Scales-IV

Use this comprehensive tool to assess adult memory.

> User level C

Verbal and
visual memory

California Verbal Learning Test-3

Test verbal and learning memory with this comprehensive and detailed assessment tool.

> User level C

Targeted memory assessments

Cambridge Prospective Memory Test (CamProMT)

Test out a client’s prospective memory or ability to remember to do things in the future.

> User level B

Wide Range Assessment of Memory &
Learning-2 (WRAML2)

Asses at a variety of levels with this
broad-based memory battery.

> User level C

Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test-3

Assess memory relevant to everyday situations.

> User level B


Doors and People

Assess visual and verbal long-term memory.

> User level B

Autobiographical Memory Interview (AMI)

Investigate retrograde amnesia. Assess your client’s ability to recall facts from their own past.

> User level B



Watch, learn, ask, participate.

We can provide learning and support in the administration, scoring and interpretation of our assessments. You’ll have room to ask questions and hear from experts. Plus the webinars are free of charge – all you need to do is register below.

It’s about taking the confusion away and supporting the growth of all clinicians, so clients are treated and supported with confidence.

Past webinars


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The Living and Ageing Well series: Assessing functional memory with the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test-3.

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Wechsler Memory Scales-IV on iPad: Q-interactive.

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