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 Mental health and wellbeing

Wellbeing and mental health

Mental health and wellbeing issues can affect physical health, social interaction and a range of other important functions. They also impact the overall quality of life for older clients.

We understand that getting the right diagnosis between similar symptoms can be difficult. That’s why we’re committed to helping clinicians with specialised screening and assessment tools that are designed to help create better health outcomes.

Wellbeing and mental health tools
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Mental health

Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II) &
BDIF (screener)

Assess patients diagnosed as depressed and detect depression among the normal population - for ages 13 to 80.

> User levels C and M

Wellbeing and
quality of life

Quality of Life Inventory

The QOLI test is a measure of positive psychology and mental health, and can help guide clients to a fuller life.

> User level B


Adult and Adolescent Sensory Profile (AASP)

Evaluates the possible contributions of sensory processing to the client’s daily performance patterns.

> User level B

Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI)

The BAI enables clinicians to measure the severity of anxiety in adolescents and adults.

> User levels C and M

Quality of Life Questionnaire (QLQ)

Evaluate the relationship between a client's quality of life and other behaviours.

> User level B


Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI) & 
BSI18 (screener)

Quickly measures psychological

> User levels C and M

Wellbeing Evaluation Scales (WES)

A brief, self-report designed to measure well-being in the elderly.

> User levels B and M


Symptom Checklist-90-Revised

Evaluates a broad range of psychological problems and symptoms of psychopathology.

> User levels C and M

Pain Patient Profile-3 (P-3)

This assessment focuses on the factors most frequently associated with chronic pain – depression, somatisation and anxiety.

> User levels C and M





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We can provide learning and support in the administration, scoring and interpretation of our assessments. You’ll have room to ask questions and hear from experts. Plus the webinars are free of charge – all you need to do is register below.

It’s about taking the confusion away and supporting the growth of all clinicians, so clients are treated and supported with confidence.

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The Living and Ageing Well series: Assessing quality of life and wellbeing
in adults.

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Getting the most out of the Adult and Adolescent Sensory Profile

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Sensory modulation & mental health practice applications

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