Adaptive Behavior Assessment System -Second Edition (ABAS-II)

Complete assessment of adaptive skills functioning from birth to 89 years
  • Author:
    Patti Harrison and Thomas Oakland
  • Year:
  • Age Range:
    Birth to 89 years
  • Administration Time:
    15 to 20 minutes
  • Administration Type:
    PCTA distributes but does not publish this product.

User Level

B What is a user level?

The ABAS-II is a complete assessment of adaptive skills functioning, assisting you in determining how well an individual is responding to daily demands from the environment.

Use the ABAS-II to:

  • Evaluate areas of functioning
  • Determining strengths and weaknesses
  • Specifying training goals

The ABAS-II can be used to evaluate individuals with:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Motor disorders
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Hearing disorders
  • Neuropsychological disorders
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  • 9780158004501
    ABAS-II Examination Kit includes:
    5 Parent/Primary Caregiver Forms (ages 0-5)
    5 Teacher/Daycare Provider Forms (ages 2-5)
    5 Parent Forms (ages 5-21)
    5 Teacher Forms (ages 5-21)
    5 Adult Forms (ages 16-89)
    $458.00 In Stock
  • 9780158007106
    ABAS-II Infant and Preschool Kit includes:
    25 Parent/Primary Caregiver Forms(ages 0-5)
    25 Teacher/Daycare Provider Forms (ages 2-5)
    $478.00 In Stock
  • 9780158004679
    ABAS-II School Kit includes:
    25 Teacher Forms (ages 5-21)
    25 Parent Forms (ages 5-21)
    $443.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 9780158004686
    ABAS-II Adult Kit includes:
    25 Adult Forms (ages 16-89)
    $443.00 In Stock

Kits with Software

  • 9780158015569
    ABAS-II Examination Kit with Intervention Planner and Scoring Assistant (includes all componenets of the Examination Kit)
    $717.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 9780158015576
    ABAS-II Infant and Preschool Kit with Intervention Planner and Scoring Assistant (includes all components of the Infant and Preschool Kit)
    $719.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 9780158015583
    ABAS-II School Kit with Intervention Planner and Scoring Assistant (includes all components of the School Kit)
    $717.00 Temporarily Out of Stock

ABAS-II Additional Materials

  • 9780158004518
    ABAS-II Manual
    $332.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 9780158004525
    ABAS-II Parent Primary/Caregiver Forms
    for ages 0-5 (Pack of 25)
    $171.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 9780158004532
    ABAS-II Teacher/Daycare Provider Forms
    for ages 2-5 (Pack of 25)
    $171.00 In Stock
  • 9780158004617
    ABAS-II Parent Forms for ages 5-21
    (Pack of 25)
    $171.00 In Stock
  • 9780158004655
    ABAS-II Teacher Forms for ages 5-21
    (Pack of 25)
    $171.00 In Stock
  • 9780158004631
    ABAS-II Adult Forms for ages 16-89
    (Pack of 25)
    $171.00 In Stock

ABAS-II Software

  • 9780158004693
    ABAS-II Scoring Assistant(For use with ages birth to 89)
    $300.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 9780158007977
    ABAS-II Intervention Planner (For use with ages birth to 17)
    and Scoring Assistant CD
    $469.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 9780158007984
    ABAS-II Intervention Planner (For use with ages birth to 17)
    and Scoring Assistant
    (upgrade for current users)
    $265.00 Temporarily Out of Stock
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Technical Information

ABAS-II assesses an individual in all 10 specific adaptive skills areas specified in the DSM-IV:

  • Communication

  • Community Use

  • Functional Academics

  • Home Living

  • Health and Safety

  • Leisure

  • Self-Care

  • Self-Direction

  • Social

  • Work

Scores for each area allow you to evaluate areas of functioning, determine strengths and weaknesses, and specify training goals.

Also use ABAS-II to evaluate individuals with learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, or other impairments related to motor, speech and language, hearing, and neuropsychological disorders to determine how well the individual is responding to daily demands from the environment.

New Downward Extension - birth to 5 years

The ABAS-II now has a downward extension of norms that will allow you to assess the strengths and weaknesses in the areas of adaptive skill specified in the DSM-IV as well as in the three general areas of adaptive behaviour.

The downward extension allows you to assess young children suspected of having developmental delays.

Broad Usage

ABAS-II is an excellent tool to use with a Wechsler Scale for determining intellectual disability. Use it for evaluating levels of adaptive skill and specifying treatment goals for individuals with learning disabilities or other types of learning, behavioural, medical, and psychological problems.

ABAS–II Intervention Planner and Scoring Assistant

Enhanced software makes evaluating infants through to adolescents even easier

With the ABAS-II Intervention Planner and Scoring Assistant you can now identify the appropriate interventions and monitor progress.

The software will help you develop:

An Interpretive Report narrative based on all scores, strengths and weaknesses analysis, composite score discrepancy analysis, and overall summary of adaptive behaviour for all ages

  • A summary comparison statement of overall intellectual and adaptive functioning if WPPSI–III or WISC–IV Full Scale IQ is entered for ages 2 and a half to 17 years

  • Item-level interventions for those items chosen by the clinician for ages 0-17

  • A Progress Monitoring Report comparing raw and scaled scores across up to 4 assessments for ages 0-17

  • A Respondent Report (for parent/primary caregiver or teacher/day-care provider) providing an easy to understand description and graph of the child’s adaptive functioning based on his/her scores for ages 0-17 

NOTE: This software is not Mac OS compatible.


Hardware Requirements

System Requirements


  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • 300 MHz Pentium processor
  •  128 MB RAM; more memory improves performance
  • 2 MB video card capable of 1024x768 resolution (32 bit color)
  • 175 MB free hard disk space when installing the PsychCorpCenter for the first time
  • 75 MB of free hard disk space if the PsychCorpCenter has been installed with another product
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 (If this is not installed, you will need an additional 65 MB of disk space to complete the installation)
  • CD-ROM drive.

 Licensing Information:
When you purchase your software, you are allowed two (2) installations for a single-user only

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