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Brief Battery for Health Improvement 2 (BBHI 2)

A brief diagnostic tool well-suited for initial intake and outcomes measurement

By John Mark Disorbio, EdD; Daniel Bruns, PsyD

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Age range
18-65 years old
Administration time
7 to 10 minutes
Administration type
Individual; Q-global™ web-based administration, scoring, and/or reporting

The BBHI 2 test was developed specifically to help medical professionals assess the important mind/body connection for their patients. Derived from the well-researched, widely used BHI™ (Battery for Health Improvement) test, the shorter BBHI 2 instrument helps practitioners quickly evaluate for a number of psychomedical factors commonly seen in medical patients, such as pain, somatic, and functional complaints – as well as traditional psychological concerns such as depression, anxiety and patient defensiveness.
The information provided by the BBHI 2 test can help practitioners obtain a quick yet comprehensive overview of the patient to help in treatment planning and in determining whether the patient may need a more in-depth evaluation by a psychologist.

How to Use This Test

The BBHI 2 test can be used in a wide variety of settings, including:

  • As part of the initial evaluation

  • Throughout the course of treatment to track patient progress

  • Before and after:
    > Surgery
    > Diagnostic injections
    > Multidisciplinary pain program
    > Medication trials
    > Rehabilitation programs
    > Chiropractic adjustments
    > Physical therapy

  • To help medical evaluators provide reliable, objective information regarding:
    > Cases involving occupational and auto injuries
    > Social security and disability evaluations
    > Workers' compensation cases 

Key Features

The BBHI 2 assessment provides objective information and practical treatment strategies to physicians who treat patients in a variety of settings.

Taking only 7–10 minutes to administer, the BBHI 2 test:

  • Provides a single instrument to help measure a variety of pain-related issues, including level of pain, functionality, and emotional distress.

  • Uses a nationally standardised 0–10 pain scale, which assesses multiple dimensions of the pain experience, including level of pain in 10 body areas, pain tolerance, pain range, and peak pain.

  • Efficiently assess patients to develop appropriate treatment plans and determine whether further psychological evaluation is needed.

  • Includes validity checks. The Defensiveness Scale can help detect tendencies to minimise or magnify distress, while the inclusion of a validity item helps detect random responding.


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9781925038606 BBHI 2 Q-global Interpretive Report
Includes the administration (OSA only), scoring and reporting
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Digital resources

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9780655797753 Q-global BBHI 2 Manual (Digital) B M $110.00 Login to purchase

Administration Materials

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9314994230086 BBHI 2 Manual (Print) B M $110.00 Login to purchase
9314994230093 BBHI 2 Answer Sheets (Pack of 25)
Includes test items
For use with Q-global as cannot be handscored
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9314994236248 BBHI 2 Training DVD
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Technical Information

Technical Information

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This product is available on Q-global with the following administration options:

On-Screen Administration (OSA)

Your clients can complete these assessment online through Q-global. Alternatively, your client can complete the assessment in paper-pencil format, and their responses can then be data-entered into Q-global for scoring and report generation. On-Screen Administrations are proctored (supervised) unless specifically indicated.

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