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Expressive Vocabulary Test, 2nd Edition (EVT-2)

Ideal for vocabulary and language assessment and progress measurement

By Kathleen T. Williams, PhD, NCSP

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Age range
2 years 6 months to 90 years plus
Administration time
10 to 15 minutes
Administration type

EVT-3 now available

The second edition of the Expressive Vocabulary Test (EVT–2), often used in conjunction with the PPVT–4, offers an unbeatable system for comparing receptive and expressive vocabulary. Both instruments meet the needs of both general and special education professionals for vocabulary and language assessment, progress measurement, and reading attainment.

Several significant enhancements have been made in this first revision of the EVT:

⇒ Two parallel forms, each with 190 items
⇒ Stimulus questions included for more precise administration
⇒ More up-to-date, realistic art used, offering an exceptional balance of sex and race/ethnicity
⇒ Growth scale values (GSVs) added, a new metric for easily measuring progress over time
⇒ Larger easel format used (8.5 x 11 inches)
⇒ Modernised core vocabulary
⇒ Enhanced technology options enhanced for faster administration, scoring, and reporting



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9781488694318 Q-global EVT-2 Scoring Subscription 1 YR B $45.00 Login to purchase

Q-global Digital Manuals

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9781925120622 Q-global EVT-2 Form A Stimulus Book (Digital) B $121.00 Login to purchase
9781925120639 Q-global EVT-2 Form B Stimulus Book (Digital) B $121.00 Login to purchase
9781925120646 Q-global EVT-2 Examiners Manual (Digital) B $121.00 Login to purchase


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9781925120530 EVT-2 Q-global Score Summary Report

A usage includes scoring and reporting
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Record Forms

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9314994232233 EVT-2 Rec Form A 25 Pack B $112.00 Login to purchase
9314994232257 EVT-2 Rec Form B 25 Pack B $112.00 Login to purchase

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Technical Information

Technical Information

Scores and Interpretation

  • Age- and grade-based standard scores

  • Growth Scale Values (GSVs)

  • Percentiles

  • Stanines

  • Normal curve equivalents (NCEs)

  • Age and grade equivalents

  • Receptive and Expressive Comparison

The PPVT–4 and EVT–2 are normed on the same sample, making direct comparison of these two scales possible.

Scoring and Reporting

All-new scoring and reporting software offers fast, flexible, and accurate scoring and reporting. This tool features:

  • New design and layout
  • Ability to enter by item scores or by raw scores
  • More individual and group-reporting options
  • Easier data entry for unlimited students
  • Embedded evidence-based interventions for individual, small group, or classroom use

Individual Reports

  • Score Summary includes the individual’s current scores, a narrative report, a diagnostic analysis of item-level performance, and a separate Suggested Interventions Report.
  • Diagnostic Analysis presents item-level performance classified by part of speech.
  • Progress Report tracks repeat administrations and helps you monitor an individual’s improvement over time using the new Growth Scale Value (GSV).
  • Receptive-Expressive Comparison Report compares the student’s receptive and expressive vocabulary when you are administering both the EVT-2 and PPVT-4 tests and analyses item performance in multiple ways to enhance intervention.

Group Reports

  • Score Summary includes a list of individuals’ scores, the group’s average scores, and narrative text.
  • Diagnostic Analysis includes a Suggested Interventions Report that presents interventions tied to the group’s item and category-level performance.
  • Single-Group Progress Report and Multiple-Groups Progress Report allow you to compare results over time for institutions, grades, or ages; focus on subsets of students or special groups of examinees, such as English Language Learners (ELL); and tailor reports to meet building, institution, or federal reporting requirements.


Q-global® Web-based Administration, Scoring, and Reporting – Enables you to quickly assess and efficiently organise examinee information, generate scores, and produce accurate comprehensive reports all via the Web.

Manual Scoring – Allows you to administer and score assessments by hand

Software Requirements

The EVT-2 ASSIST software requirements are supported by the following Operating Systems: Windows 2000 (32 Bit), Windows XP (32 Bit), Windows VISTA (32 & 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Mac OS X.

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