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Millon Index of Personality Styles (MIPS Revised)

A brief, well-rounded personality measure designed to assess normal personality styles for adults

By Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc.

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Age range
Individuals 18 years and older
Administration time
30 minutes
Administration type
Individual; Q-global® administration, scoring, and/or reporting, or manual scoring

The newly updated MIPS Revised test helps address the need for a theoretically grounded instrument that may be administered by a broad range of professionals, including human resource specialists, social work and career counsellors, and private practice clinicians.

Addresses Key Dimensions of Normal Personalities

While brief to administer, the MIPS Revised test provides a comprehensive, up-to-date evaluation that surpasses the scope of many other normal personality assessments. The MIPS Revised instrument addresses three key dimensions of normal personalities:

  • Motivating Styles, which helps to assess the person’s emotional style in dealing with his/her environment;

  • Thinking Styles, which helps to examine the person’s mode of cognitive processing; and

  • Behaving Styles, which helps to assess the person’s way of interrelating with others.

This widely useful test offers a convenient tool to help professionals assist ostensibly normally functioning adults who may be experiencing difficulties in work, family or social relationships. It may also be helpful in career counselling or employment settings. In addition, the test’s Clinical Index is useful in helping to screen for the possible presence of mental disorders in persons who present as normal.

How to Use This Test

The MIPS Revised test has proven useful in a variety settings, including:

  • Employee selection, as a pre-offer screening tool

  • Employee assistance programs

  • Leadership and employee development programs

  • Career planning for high school and college students

  • As part of the curriculum for college courses in psychological testing

  • Relationship, premarital, and marriage counselling

  • Individual counselling

Key Features

  • Developed by Dr. Millon in 1994 and revised in 2003, the test has strong theoretical and practical backing.

  • Scale names and the profile display have been updated to provide administrators with better information for interpreting test results.

  • With only 180 true/false items, the test can be completed in less than 30 minutes on average.

  • While clinically and theoretically grounded, the MIPS Revised test does not require administration by an advanced-degreed professional.


The MIPS Revised test offers separate norms for adults and college students, and for both separate and combined genders.
Adult Sample
The adult sample consisted of 1,000 individuals (500 females, 500 males) between the ages of 18 and 65, stratified according to the U.S. population by age, race/ethnicity, and education level.
College Sample
The college sample consisted of 1,600 students (800 males, 800 females), selected from 14 colleges and universities to be representative of a college student population in terms of ethnicity, age, year in school, major area of study, region of the county, and type of institution.

Report Options

Interpretive Report
Provides the full profile and an integrated analysis of the scales that gives depth to the components of personality measured by the test. This report examines the deeper motivations that orient individuals, the characteristic modes they use to construct and transform their cognitions, and the particular behaviors they have learned in order to relate to others. The interpretive report also includes the Clinical Index score.
Profile Report
Presents prevalence scores for all 24 scales in a newly revised, easy-to-read graph. The profile report can help give administrators a quick picture of the individual’s personality styles.


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ROSA - Remote On-screen Administration
OSA - On-screen Administration
ME - Manual Entry
GA - Group Administration
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ISBN Title User Level Price
9781925038552 MIPS Revised Q-global Profile Report (63576)
A usage includes the administration (ROSA, OSA, GA), scoring and reporting
B $18.00 Login to purchase
9781925038545 MIPS Revised Q-global Interpretive Report (63575)
A usage includes the administration (ROSA, OSA, GA), scoring and reporting
B $33.00 Login to purchase

Hand Scoring Materials

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780158541501 MIPS Revised Hand-Scoring Starter Kit includes:
MIPS Revised Manual
10 Test Booklets
50 Answer Sheets
Answer keys
B $472.00 Login to purchase
9780158541549 MIPS Revised Manual (Print) B $111.00 Login to purchase
9780158541631 MIPS Revised Test Booklets (Pack of 10) B $58.00 Login to purchase
9780158541648 MIPS Revised Hand Scoring Answer Sheets
(Pack of 50)
B $109.00 Login to purchase

Q Local

ISBN Title User Level Price
9314994230574 MIPS Revised Q Local Answer Sheets
(Pack of 25)
B $52.00 Login to purchase

To activate reports please call the Pearson Clinical Assessment Client Services Team on 1800 882 385 (AUS) or 0800 942 722 (NZ).

ISBN Title User Level Price
9314994231786 MIPS Revised Q Local Interpretive Report 51547
(per administration)
B $34.00
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9314994233643 MIPS Revised Q Local Profile Report 51548
(per administration)
B $18.00
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Technical Information

Technical Information

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