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Raven's Educational

Measure non-verbal and verbal aspects of general ability

By J. C. Raven

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Age range
4 to 18 years
Administration time
Administration type
Individual or Group; Manual scoring

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Raven’s Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scales enjoy a long and famous history in the assessment of general cognitive abilities in children.

The Progressive Matrices usefully provide an assessment of non-verbal ability, an important feature for our ethnically diverse population, and the Vocabulary Scales provide scores in the verbal domain. Both levels of Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary scales can be used with children of various ability levels, with the SPM+ especially useful in the assessment of gifted children.

The new standardisation study 640 children aged between four and 11 years were administered the Coloured Progressive Matrices (CPM) and the Crichton Vocabulary Scale (CVS) and 960 children aged between seven and 18 years received the Standard Progressive Matrices – Plus version (SPM-Plus) and Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale (MHV) (UK population).

The data was collected in groups for the SPM+ and MHV and comparison studies against individual administration were completed. Equating studies on other forms of the progressive matrices and vocabulary scales (e.g. SPM-Classic, CPM-parallel) were also carried out.

This standardisation represents the most significant development for the children’s version of the Raven’s progressive matrices and Vocabulary Scales since the 1979 & 1982 standardisations with children aged from five to 16 years.

Along with this standardisation, Pearson Assessment has completed an extensive redesign of the product, simplifying and updating materials. This makes the test more attractive and easier to use.

The following kits are available for children:

  • Raven’s Educational CPM/CVS complete kit: Individually administered test for children aged 4 to 11 years

  • Raven’s Educational SPM+/MHV complete kit: Individually and Group administered test for children and adolescents aged 7 to 18 years

NB There is an overlap in the normative data for the CPM/CVS kit and SPM+/MHV kit for children aged between 7 to 11 years. It is advised that the examiner uses their professional judgement as to which would be the most appropriate test for their use when they are seeing children within this age range. CPM/CVS is an individually administered test and has easier items than SPM+/MHV. The SPM+/MHV can be administered individually and in groups.

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Raven's Educational Kits

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780749142070 CPM & CVS Complete Kit for ages 4-11 includes:
CPM Manual
CVS Manual
CPM Stimulus Book
CPM Record Forms (Pack of 25)
CVS Record Forms (Pack of 25)
CVS Word Card
CPM Scoring Acetate in a bag
B $750.00 Login to purchase
9780749142193 SPM PLUS & MHV Complete Kit for ages 7- 18 includes
SPM Plus Manual
MHV Manual
SPM Plus Stimulus Book
SPM Plus Record Forms (Pack of 25)
MHV Record Form #1 (Pack of 25)
SPM Scoring Acetate in a bag
B $716.00 Login to purchase

Additional Materials


ISBN Title User Level Price
9780749142025 CPM & CVS Raven's Manual B $325.00 Login to purchase
9780749142155 SPM Plus & MHV Raven's Manual B $295.00 Login to purchase

Stimulus books

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780749142049 SPM Plus Stimulus Booklets
(Pack of 10)
B $556.00 Login to purchase
9780749142148 SPM Plus Stimulus Book (1) B $61.00 Login to purchase

Record Forms

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780749142032 CVS Record Forms for ages 4-11
(Pack of 25)
B $99.00 Login to purchase
9780749142063 CPM Record Forms for ages 4-11
(Pack of 25)
B $99.00 Login to purchase
9780749142100 MHV Record Form #1 for ages 7-18
(Pack of 25)
B $108.00 Login to purchase
9780749142117 MHV Record Form #2 for ages 7-18
(Pack of 25)
B $108.00 Login to purchase
9780749142186 SPM Plus Record Forms
(Pack of 25)
B $75.00 Login to purchase

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