BAYLEY-III Motor Scale Kit

Assess motor development in one convenient and easy-to-administer package

By Nancy Bayley

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Age range
1 month to 42 months
Administration time
10 to 20 minutes
Administration type

The Bayley-4, adapted and normed for Australia and New Zealand, is coming in June 2020


The Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development – Third Edition Motor Scale Kit (Bayley-III Motor Scale Kit) is available for those clinicians primarily assessing the motor domain of developing children.

  • New items have been added to both gross and fine motor subtests to expand the coverage across ages

  • Provides greater coverage in the field of motor development – increased focus on quality of movement

  • Easy to administer and score

  • Playful and engaging toys and activities

  • Excellent validity and reliability

  • Scores provided: Motor Composite Standard Score, Fine Motor Index Score, and Gross Motor Index Score

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9780158027265 Bayley-III Motor Scale Complete
Kit Includes; Manual, Motor Scale Record
Forms 25 Pack (with Tracing Design Sheet),
and Manipulatives
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9780158027319 Bayley-III Motor Scale Record Forms 25 Pack B P $149.00 Login to purchase

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