DriveSafe and DriveAware, Computer-based Version (2009)

An assessment tool for driver rehabilitation

By Lynnette G. Kay & Anita C. Bundy

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DriveSafe: 20-30 mins; DriveAware:10-20 mins
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DriveSafe and DriveAware is designed to be used by OT driver assessors and is a clinically beneficial tool for use in driving rehabilitation centres, where drivers with varying diagnoses are assessed. It is a reliable screening tool that can be used to streamline the administration of on-road driving assessments and is highly predictive of driving safety.

DriveSafe and DriveAware assesses drivers’ awareness of the driving environment and their own driving abilities, respectively. By using both components in combination, OTs can determine whether an on-road driving assessment is necessary as the tests will accurately identify drivers who will definitely pass and definitely fail on-road.

Features and Benefits

This is a unique product because it:

  • Is specifically designed to measure awareness of the driving environment as well as awareness of own driving ability

  • Has a greater predictive validity for on-road driving performance than other batteries that rely on traditional neuropsychological assessments

  • Is concise and time-efficient

  • Offers improved cut-off scores reducing the number of clients that need to be assessed on-road

DriveSafe and DriveAware was developed by occupational therapists at the University of Sydney, experienced in driver assessment and rehabilitation. This assessment tool reflects the unique expertise of occupational therapists for assessing driving performance.

DriveSafe and DriveAware assesses clients’ awareness of two factors critical to safe driving — their own abilities and the driving environment. It can be used with drivers who have a range of diagnoses, avoiding the need for individual tests for different diagnostic groups.

Product Restriction

Please Note: Only Occupational Therapists who are recognised as driver assessors may administer DriveSafe and DriveAware. Driver assessors may either have successfully completed postgraduate training in driver assessment and rehabilitation and be registered with the licensing authority or have gained experience in driver rehabilitation with appropriate guidance and supervision.

Australian OT Driver Assessors are requested to provide their driver registration number. NZ OT Driver Assessors are to provide proof of experience from their employer.

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