Communication Checklist Self Report (CC-SR)

A self-report instrument for older children and adults with communication impairments, with a particular emphasis on pragmatic difficulties

By Dorothy Bishop, Andrew Whitehouse, Margo Sharp

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Age range
10 to 80 years
Administration time
10 to 15 minutes
Administration type

This 70-item questionnaire is suitable for older children, adolescents or adults who speak in sentences and have a reading age of at least 10 years. 50 behavioural statements focus on communicative weaknesses and 20 on communicative strengths. In order to circumvent lack of self-awareness, some items are rated on the feedback the informant has received from other people (e.g. "People tell me that I talk too much").

Z-scores, scales scores and percentiles are provided for the following 3 composites; Language Structure, Pragmatic Skills, Social Engagement.

Scores can be calculated by hand or with the CD-ROM scorer included in the kit.

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9780749149000 CC-SR Complete Kit includes: manual, 25 checklists, 25 summary sheets, overlay keys for hand scoring and CD-ROM scorer in a bag B $405.00 Login to purchase
9780749149024 CC-SR Checklist (Pack of 25) B $107.00 Login to purchase
9780749149031 CC-SR Summary sheets (Pack of 25) B $56.00 Login to purchase

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