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The Wellbeing Evaluation Scale (WES)

A brief, self report measure designed to measure wellbeing in the elderly

By Dr Andrew Papadopoulos, Angela Kelly, Dr Helena Blackmark Goodwill, Jan Oyebode and Liz Halloran

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Age range
55 years and older
Administration time
Short form: 5-10 minutes. Long form: 10-15 minutes
Administration type
Self-report measure; Manual scoring

The Wellbeing Evaluation Scale (WES) is a brief, self report measure designed to measure wellbeing in older people (age 55+).

Informed by an evidence-based theoretical framework the WES was developed with a reading age of 12 years, and has both long (47 item) and short (19 item) questionnaires. Respondents rate themselves against statements on a 5-point scale. 

The 47 item Long Form provides a measure of subjective, behavioural and contextual dimensions of well-being across 6 structural properties of well-being:

  • Integrity of self
  • Integrity of others
  • Belonging
  • Agency
  • Enrichment
  • Security

Responses are collated and provide a profile of well-being across all 6 domains in addition to population percentages.

The 19 item Short Form provides an average wellbeing score and population percentages.

The WES has been developed on both clinical and non-clinical populations, and can be used as a clinical assessment or care planning tool, as well as providing an overall measure of well-being. It is exceptional in that it is relevant for both individual and population based assessment in all social and health care settings as well as demographic and epidemiological research.

Key Features:

  • Short Form – ideal for screening
  • Enables large, population based assessment
  • Long form – for more detailed assessment
  • Can be used for care planning on an individual or population basis
  • Results presented graphically for easy comparison
  • Can be used in all health and social care settings
  • A useful demographic and research tool
  • Reading age of 12 years on the questionnaires
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9780749162146 Wellbeing Evaluation Scale (WES) Complete Kit
includes: Manual, Long Form Record Forms (Pack of 25), Short Form Record Forms (Pack of 50)
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9780749162092 WES Long Form Record Forms (Pack of 25) B M $134.00 Login to purchase
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