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Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Second Edition (WRAML2)

Measure memory functioning and learning

By David Sheslow, PhD, Wane Adams, PhD, ABPP

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Age range
5 years to 90 years
Administration time
Less than 60 minutes for core battery; 10-15 minutes for Memory Screening Form
Administration type
Individual; Manual scoring

WRAML2 is a broad based memory battery that allows clinicians to assess at a variety of levels beginning with a brief screener and continuing with additional subtests to gather the information needed to accurately evaluate or diagnose.

This test makes it easier to assess memory functions in children, adolescents, and adults. The WRAML2 gives clinicians a single, integrated collection of relevant memory tests that can be used across the life span.

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9780729529266 WRAML 2 Complete Kit includes:
Manual, Sound Symbol Booklet, Examiner Forms (25), Picture Memory Response Forms (25), Picture Memory Recognition Forms (25), Design Memory Response Forms (25), Design Memory Recogition Forms (25), Picture Memory Cards (4), Design Memory Cards (5), Finger Window Card, Symbolic Working Memory Card (2)
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Additional Materials

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780729529273 WRAML 2 Manual C $205.00 Login to purchase

Examiner Form

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780729529280 WRAML 2 Examiner Forms
Pack of 25
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Response Forms

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780729529297 WRAML 2 Picture Memory Response Forms
Pack of 25
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9780729529327 WRAML 2 Design Memory Response Forms
Pack of 25
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Recognition Forms

ISBN Title User Level Price
9780729529303 WRAML 2 Picture Memory Recognition Forms
Pack of 25
C $110.00 Login to purchase
9780729529310 WRAML 2 Design Memory Recognition Forms
Pack of 25
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Symbol Booklet

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9780729529372 WRAML 2 Sound Symbol Booklet C $128.00 Login to purchase


ISBN Title User Level Price
9780729529341 WRAML 2 Picture Memory Cards
Set of 4
C $63.00 Login to purchase
9780729529358 WRAML 2 Design Memory Cards
Set of 5
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9780729529365 WRAML 2 Finger Window Card C $82.00 Login to purchase
9780729529389 WRAML 2 Symbolic Working Memory Card
Pack of 2
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Technical Information

Technical Information

WRAML2 features and benefits

  • We took the best parts of the WRAML memory test and enhanced them to increase usability. The WRAML2 now includes standard scores, scaled scores, and percentiles. For the child and pre-adolescent age groups, we have provided age equivalents.
  • New age norms from 5-90 years. We used a stratified sampling technique to construct the norms based on age, sex, race, region, and education.
  • Increased flexibility. The four subtests from the Core Battery provide an overview of memory functioning. Several subtests supplement the Core Battery, allowing you to choose additional subtests and indexes to further enhance your working memory assessment capabilities.

WRAML2 test structure

The WRAML2 Core Battery is composed of two verbal, two visual, and two attention/concentration subtests, yielding a General Memory Index consisting of:

  • Verbal Memory Index
  • Visual Memory Index
  • Attention/Concentration Index

Additionally, this edition now includes the Working Memory Index, which comprises the Symbolic Working Memory and Verbal Working Memory subtests and four recognition subtests:

  • Design Recognition
  • Picture Recognition
  • Verbal Recognition
  • Story Memory Recognition

WRAML2 psychometric information

The alpha coefficient for the General Index is .93.

Reliability coefficients for the Core Battery

Verbal Memory Index


Visual Memory Index


Attention / Concentration Index