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SSIS-SEL Edition Videos for Australian Schools

Customers who purchase the SSIS™ SEL Edition get complimentary access to valuable resources in the form of turnkey solutions to teach social–emotional skills in the classroom. Below is a list of assets that are available for customers to download and customize to meet the needs of their classrooms.

Disclaimer: The materials on this website are protected by federal and international copyright laws. The qualified user who has purchased the SSIS SEL Edition manual or the SSIS SEL Edition Classwide Intervention Program manual is hereby granted nonexclusive, revocable permission to download these documents for their sole use and not for use by any nonauthorized user or for any other distribution.

 Unit 1: Listen to others

Video 1.1 Positive

Video 1.2 Negative


Unit 2: Say please and thank you

Video 2.1 Positive


Unit 3: Follow the rules

Video 3.1 Positive

Video 3.2 Negative


Unit 4: Pay attention to your work

Video 4.1 Positive

Video 4.2 Positive

Video 4.3 Negative


Unit 5: Ask for help

Video 5.1 Positive

Video 5.2 Negative

Video 5.3 Negative


Unit 6: Take turns when you talk

Video 6.1 Positive

Video 6.2 Negative


Unit 7: Get along with others

Video 7.1 Positive

Video 7.2 Negative


Unit 8: Stay calm with others

Video 8.1 Positive

Video 8.2 Negative


Unit 9: Do the right thing

Video 9.1 Positive

Video 9.2 Negative

Video 9.3 Negative


Unit 10: Do nice things for others

Video 10.1 Positive

Video 10.2 Positive

Video 10.3 Negative


Unit 11: Tell others about your skills

View US site (Australian version not available)


Unit 12: Own your actions

View US site (Australian versionnot available)


Unit 13: Express your feelings

Video 13.1 Negative


Unit 14: Respect other people's things

Video 14.1 Negative


Unit 15: Do your part in a group

Video 15.1 Positive

Video 15.2 Positive


Unit 16: Ask others to do things with you

Video 16.1 Positive


Unit 17: Introduce yourself to others

Video 17.1 Positive


Unit 18: Stay calm when pushed or hit

Video 18.1 Positive

Video 18.2 Negative


Unit 19: Stand up for others

Video 19.1 Negative


Unit 20: Make others feel better

Video 20.1 Positive


Unit 21: Make compromises

Video 21.1 Positive


Unit 22: Be positive about the future

View US site (Australian version not available)


Unit 23: Listen to different ideas

View US site (Australian version not available)