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Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, Second Edition - Brief Form

BOT-2 Brief Form
  • Robert H. Bruininks
  • Brett D. Bruininks
Provides an overview of motor strengths and weaknesses.

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  • BOT-2 Brief Form Complete Kit
    58055 Qualification Level B


    • Administration Manual and Easel
    • 25 Record Forms
    • 25 Examinee Booklets
    • Red Pencil
    • Blocks with String
    • Knee Pad
    • Tennis Ball

    AUD 455.95

  • BOT-2 Brief Form Response Booklets (Pack of 25)
    58053 Qualification Level B

    AUD 59.07

  • BOT-2 Brief Form Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    58052 Qualification Level B

    AUD 59.07

  • BOT 2 Brief Form Administration Manual & Easel
    58054 Qualification Level B

    AUD 264.33


Publication date:
Completion time:
20 - 30 minutes
Individual; Manual scoring
Age range:
4 years to 21 years 11 months
Qualification level:

BOT-3 is almost here

The BOT™-3 is a versatile and comprehensive measure of gross and fine motor skills for children and young adults.

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Product Details

Introducing the BOT-2 Brief Form. This product was developed to address the need for a reliable, yet cost and time-efficient motor screening tool. The BOT-2 Brief Form contains 12 items, consisting of at least one item from each BOT-2 subtest. When a screening or program evaluation tool is required, the Brief Form can be used to determine the need for further assessment. It can also be administered as part of a comprehensive battery of tests designed to assess performance across a variety of functional domains. The BOT-2 Brief is quick and easy to administer and yields a single score of overall motor proficiency, whilst containing enough detail to provide an overview of motor strengths and weaknesses.