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Mullen Scales of Early Learning

  • Eileen M. Mullen
A developmentally integrated system that assesses language, motor, and perceptual abilities

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    11150 Qualification Level B

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Publication date:
Completion time:
15-60 minutes
Age range:
Birth to 68 months
Qualification level:

Product Details


  • Five scales provide a complete picture of cognitive and motor ability
  • Pinpoints strengths and weaknesses
  • Ideal for assessing school readiness

Measure cognitive ability and motor development

Quick and easy to administer, the Mullen Scales of Early Learning gives you:

  • Five scales: Gross Motor, Visual Reception, Fine Motor, Expressive Language, and Receptive Language
  • Excellent standardisation and reliability data
  • Easy profile analysis
  • An array of stimulating manipulatives and materials
  • Scale scores and an Early Learning Composite

Generates reliable and valid information

  • Identifies a child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Assesses early intellectual development and readiness for school
  • Provides a foundation for successful interventions