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Dyslexia Toolkit

Pearson's dyslexia screening, assessment, and progress monitoring toolkit for teachers and special educators. For use in a variety of clinical, educational, and research settings.
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Q-global WRMT-III Unlimited-Use Score Report
QG1WR3 Qualification Level B

Subscription is for 1 year with unlimited access.  Used for generating reports administered using paper forms.


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Varies by subtests administered
Individual; Q-global scoring and reporting, or manual scoring
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Product Details

Pre-order now! Launching August 16th, 2021

The Pearson Dyslexia Toolkit is specially developed for teachers and special educators to proactively screen and assess for literacy difficulties, to support struggling learners by identifying relevant evidence-based interventions and monitoring progress.

  • Screening and Broad academic assessment K-12+ WIAT-III
  • Comprehensive reading assessment K-12+ WRMT-III
  • Cognitive screening K-12+ Ravens 2
  • Language screening K-12+ PPVT-5

The Dyslexia Toolkit includes:

  • WIAT-III A&NZ Complete Kit
    • Examiner’s Manual
    • Technical Manual
    • Scoring and Normative Supplement for School Aged Children
    • Stimulus Book
    • Oral Reading Fluency Booklet
    • Word Card
    • Pseudoword Card
    • Response Booklets (Pack of 25)
    • Record Forms (Pack of 25)
  • WIAT-III Dyslexia Index Scoring Manual
  • WRMT-III Form A Kit
    • Administration Manual
    • Form A Record Form (pack of 25)
    • Oral Reading Fluency Form A (pack of 25)
    • Form A Stimulus Book
    • Rapid Automatic Naming Cards
    • Audio CD in a carrying case
  • Raven's 2 Kit
    • Manual
    • Test Booklet
    • Answer Sheets (Pack of 25)
    • Scoring Template
  • PPVT-5 Form A Complete Kit
    • Form A Stimulus Book
    • Manual
    • Form A Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    • 1 Luggage Tag
    • 1 black zipper carry bag with handles and strap