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Expressive Vocabulary Test, 3rd Edition

A norm referenced and individually administered test of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval based on words.

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  • EVT-3 Q-global scoring 1 year subscription
    QG1EVT3 Qualification Level B

    Q-global online scoring and reporting

    Administration options:

    • ME - Manual entry

    The first time you purchase a Q-global report usage, subscription or digital asset a Q-global account will automatically be created for you.

    AUD 48.62

  • EVT-3 Complete Kit (A & B)
    0158013565 Qualification Level B

    Includes: Form A Complete Kit and Form B Complete Kit

    AUD 1,015.30

  • EVT-3 Form A Complete Kit
    0158013492 Qualification Level B


    • Form A Stimulus Book
    • Manual
    • 25 Form A Record Forms
    • 1 Luggage Tag
    • 1 black zipper carry bag with handles and strap

    AUD 572.44

  • EVT-3 Form B Complete Kit
    0158013506 Qualification Level B


    • Form B Stimulus Book
    • Manual
    • 25 Form B Record Forms
    • 1 Luggage Tag
    • 1 black zipper carry bag with handles and strap

    AUD 567.05

  • EVT-3 Manual
    0158013557 Qualification Level B

    AUD 249.48

  • EVT-3 Form A - Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    0158013514 Qualification Level B

    AUD 124.30

  • EVT-3 Form B - Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    0158013522 Qualification Level B

    AUD 124.30

  • EVT-3 Form A Stimulus Book
    0158013530 Qualification Level B

    AUD 239.80

  • EVT-3 Form B Stimulus Book
    0158013549 Qualification Level B

    AUD 239.80

  • PPVT-5/EVT-3 Complete Kits (A & B)
    9780158013619 Qualification Level B

    Kit includes: PPVT-5 Form A Complete Kit, PPVT-5 Form B Complete Kit, EVT-3 Form A Complete Kit, and EVT-3 Form B Complete Kit

    AUD 1,948.32

  • Education Q-interactive License · 1 Year (Digital)
    9781488694837 Qualification Level B

    Tests included:
    EVT-3, KTEA-3, PPVT-5, RBANS Update, WIAT-III A&NZ, and WRAT5

    Not in stock$0

  • Speech & Language Q-interactive License · 1 Year (Digital)
    9781488692116 Qualification Level B

    Tests included:
    CELF-5 A&NZ, CELF Preschool-3 A&NZ, EVT-3, GFTA-3/KLPA-3, KTEA-3, PPVT-5, RBANS Update, WIAT-III A&NZ, and WRAT5

    Not in stock$0

  • Standard Q-interactive License · 1 Year (Digital)
    A103000260031 Qualification Level C

    Tests included:

    Not in stock$0


Publication date:
Completion time:
10-15 Minutes
Individual; Q-interactive® administration and scoring, Q-global® scoring and reporting, or manual scoring
Age range:
2:6 - 90+Years
Qualification level:

Product Details

Works well with PPVT-5 and BOV2

Five Reasons to Choose EVT-3:

  1. Flexible options, digital or paper--with Q-global and/or Q-interactive
  2. Qualitative Analyses—five ways to help you make hypotheses about vocabulary performance
  3. Strong reliability and validity—see our "By the Numbers" document on the Resources tab
  4. Growth Scale Values (GSVs)—an objective score for measuring changes in performance over time
  5. "What's Next?" EVT-3 helps you link directly from assessment to intervention.

And even more, consider using EVT-3 with PPVT-5, its co-normed companion test for receptive vocabulary, and The Bridge of Vocabulary 2  for your intervention.

Uses & Applications

Applications of EVT–3:

  • Measure expressive vocabulary acquisition
  • Contribute useful information when assessing expressive vocabulary, as part of a language evaluation, across the lifespan
  • Contribute useful information when screening or assessing strengths and weaknesses in the specific domain of semantics (i.e., word knowledge) and general area of language development
  • Directly compare receptive and expressive vocabulary when you also administer the PPVT-5
  • Move immediately into evidence-based interventions using those embedded directly into and linked into the Q-global system

How Can I Buy EVT-3?

EVT-3 will be sold in paper/pencil and digital formats. Digital formats include:

  • Digital scoring and reporting via the Q-global system
  • Digital stimulus books and manuals via the Q-global system
  • Digital administration and scoring via the Q-interactive system


Q-interactive is Pearson's web- and iPad-based system for interactive, seamless assessment, scoring, and reporting. With Q-interactive, administer interactive assessments with an intuitive, portable system that uses two iPads connected by Bluetooth. The examinee views test stimuli on one iPad; you use the other iPad to access test administration directions and verbal stimuli, control visual stimuli, and record and score responses. 


Q-global is Pearson's web-based system for accessing digital resources for assessment, scoring, and reporting. EVT-3 will have digital stimulus books and a digital manual available for purchase. Scoring is purchased separately. You have the option to purchase an unlimited-use 1-, 3-, or 5- year scoring subscription or individual score reports. Quantity discounts are available.

Important note: Each scoring subscription is per user and will begin on the date the first subscription from the order is allocated to the user(s) in the Q-global account. Soon after you place your order and the product is released, you will receive an email informing you that your EVT-3 digital Manual, Stimulus Book, and/or scoring are available on the Q-global platform. 



Learn more about the EVT-3 by watching this brief overview. The video covers an overview of the EVT-3, research goals, uses and applications, and digital options.

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