Can't You See I'm Sensational? Understanding the way children learn, behave and play   

  • Kate Pascale
Are you puzzled by the behaviour of some of the children you work with?

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  • Can't You See I'm Sensational? Understanding the way children learn, behave and play
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Product Details

Parents, teachers, preschool and child-care staff and health professionals each bring a unique and valuable set of skills to a child and his or her family. At times it can be frustrating and tiring to work with children who are fidgety, easily distracted, messy, clumsy and disruptive to others. It can also be difficult to support these children and their families to manage their challenging behaviours at home and in the community. Understanding where to go, who to ask and how to access further advice or support is often complex for professionals and families alike.

This resource has been developed to support you in your role, encourage you to think differently about children’s behaviour, and to give you another set of tools for your professional toolbox.


"This book has helped me communicate with everyone. A friend from mothers group lent me the book to give me some ideas as a new parent. It's certainly been great to help me understand my daughter, but it also helped me understand my husband and the high school students I teach. Everyone should know about this."
- Jenny, Mother and High School Teacher

"Can't You See I’m Sensational is an absolute essential for anyone who wants to understand children. Teachers, carers, mums and dads … there is something in here for everyone, once you’ve read it you will look at every child differently."
- Mary, School Principal

"Kate’s energy, enthusiasm and dedication is unique. She has opened my eyes to new and wonderful opportunities about how I can transform my classroom."
- Tanya, Prep Teacher

"Can't You See I’m Sensational is the first book that I have found about Sensory Processing that is just right for us. It’s so practical and easy to use that it really de-mystifies sensory processing. I highly recommend this book to parents, families and anyone working with young children."
- Robyn, Maternal and Child Health Nurse

"Wow – this should be compulsory reading for all of us. You have made it all so simple. Everyone is different and when we understand that, we can embrace it and celebrate what makes our amazing brains and bodies so unique."
- Jean, Music Therapist

"Kate is an exceptional writer – she is able to translate the impossible and complex into simple and easy language that we can all connect with. Both the book and your education sessions have been a great asset for my whole team. Thankyou."
- Rosemary, Speech Pathologist

"This is such a great toolkit. I can’t think of a more important lesson than to be able to give our children the tools and language to understand and express how they feel and what they need. I have learnt a whole new set of skills that I know will help me and help every child that I work with."
- Matthew, Counsellor