Texas Functional Living Scales

Quickly screen to determine appropriate level of care

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Publication date:
Completion time:
15 minutes
Age range:
16 to 90 years
Qualification level:

Product Details


TFLS provides an ecologically valid, performance-based screening tool to help identify the level of care an individual requires. Brief and easy to use, the TFLS is especially well-suited for use in assisted living and nursing home settings.

Users & Applications

TFLS can help support diagnostic work-ups, placement decisions, treatment planning, evaluation of treatment outcomes, and monitoring of disease progression. The instrument is used by a range of professionals, including by neuropsychologists, occupational therapists and clinical psychologists to:
• determine appropriate level of care required upon discharge from hospital
• evaluate changes in level of care for individuals


TFLS helps measure an individual’s ability in four functional domains:
Time — Ability to use clocks and calendars
Money and Calculation — Ability to count money and write cheques
Communication — Ability to make a snack and use phones and phone books
Memory — Ability to remember simple information and to take medications

Features and Benefits

The instrument is linked with the WAIS®-IV and the WMS®-IV. TFLS is particularly useful with individuals suffering from dementia because it focuses primarily on skills likely to be affected by cognitive decline.

Psychometric Information

TFLS has been standardised with the WAIS-IV and WMS-IV.