Hayling & Brixton Tests

Clinical assessment of executive functioning
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Hayling & Brixton Score Sheets
9780749130312 Qualification Level B

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Publication date:
Completion time:
15 minutes
Individual; Manual scoring
Age range:
18 to 80 years
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Product Details

The Hayling Sentence Completion Test is entirely spoken and is thus suitable for people with a wide range of problems such as those involving reading, visual perception or movement. It yields three different measures of executive functioning which can be considered separately or combined into an overall score.

The Brixton Spacial Anticipation Test measure the ability to detect rules in sequences of stimuli, probably the most well known situation in which dysexecutive patients have problems. This is in a format that is easy to administer and is designed to be pleasant for the subject.

The Brixton Test is perceptually simple and as it does not require a verbal response it is appropriate for those suffering from a wide range of deficits such as those involving speech production or reading.