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Sensory Modulation & Environment: Essential Elements of Occupation, 3rd edition

Explores sensory modulation applications, theory through practice

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  • Q-global Sensory Modulation & Environment: Essential Elements of Occupation - 3rd Edition*
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  • Sensory Modulation & Environment: Essential Elements of Occupation - 3rd Edition (Print)
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Product Details

Now available in digital format

The revised third edition of the Sensory Modulation & Environment handbook is an excellent resource full of practical information created primarily for use with the adolescent, adult and geriatric populations in mental health services. It explores the entirety of sensory modulation applications: theory through practice.

Included in this edition are sensory modulation assessment tools, worksheets and information on:

  • The Sensory Modulation Program
  • Trauma-informed care
  • The restraint reduction initiative
  • Diagnostic considerations
  • Self-injurious behaviour
  • Creating "sensory diets"
  • The use of weighted modalities
  • The creation and use of sensory rooms
  • Self-rating tools
  • Individual and group treatment ideas
  • Policy and procedure examples
  • Quality improvement study samples
  • Staff training handouts
  • Assorted handouts, worksheets and much more!