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SCAN-3:A Tests for Auditory Processing Disorders in Adolescents and Adults

Detect auditory processing disorders in adolescents and adults

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Publication date:
Completion time:
30 to 45 minutes
Age range:
13 to 50 years 11 months
Qualification level:

Product Details

It is difficult to differentiate auditory processing disorder from auditory comprehension skills and auditory attention difficulties. SCAN-3 helps you identify specific auditory processing difficulties in adolescents and adults. Based on the pattern of an individual’s test results, this tool can help you plan intervention to minimize the impact of the auditory processing disorder at school, work, home, and in the community.

Content & Administration

SCAN-3 provides the following tests to help you evaluate key indicators of auditory processing ability in adolescents and adults:

Screening Tests

  • Gap Detection: Indicates presence of a temporal processing problem which may influence the ability to comprehend running speech
  • Auditory Figure Ground (+0 dB): Tests ability to listen with background noise
  • Competing Words (Free Recall): Dichotic listening task (poor performance may indicate lack of maturation or abnormality of the auditory nervous system)

Diagnostic Tests

  • Filtered Words: Indicates ability to process speech when the signal is distorted or compromised by a poor acoustic environment
  • Competing Words (Directed Ear): Dichotic listening task that indicates a child’s auditory maturation or developmental level
  • Competing Sentences: Provides information about the maturation of the nervous system

Supplementary Tests

  • Auditory Figure Ground (+8 dB and +12 dB)
  • Time Compressed Sentences

Psychometric Information

SCAN-3 features updated norms and continuous normative scores across SCAN-3 Child and Adolescent/Adult editions so that you can continue to monitor progress as the child ages out of the SCAN-3 for children.