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Bracken School Readiness Assessment | Third Edition

Assess a child's concept knowledge and receptive language skills for school readiness.
The new Bracken-4 is now available!

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Publication date:
Completion time:
10-15 minutes
Individual; Manual scoring
Age range:
3 years to 6 years 11 months
Qualification level:

Bracken-4 is here

The BSRA–4 is a quick and easy child development assessment of school readiness.

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Product Details

BSRA-4 is here

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA–4) is a quick and easy child development assessment of school readiness. The BSRA–4 assesses comprehension of the concepts strongly related to early childhood cognitive and language development, school readiness, and early school achievement: colours, letters, numbers/counting, size/comparisons, shapes, and self/social awareness.

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The Bracken School Readiness Assessment, 3rd Edition is used to assess academic readiness by evaluating a child’s understanding of important foundational concepts. The readiness concepts assessed are those that are directly related to early childhood education and predict readiness for more formal education.


  • Adapted from the Bracken Basic Concept Scale-Third Edition (BBCS–3):
  • Colours, Letters, Numbers/Counting, Sizes/Comparisons, Shapes
  • Quick and easy to administer
  • Record form has detachable Parent-Teacher Conference form that includes information about the child’s performance and activities the parent can do with the child at home
  • Includes a sample lesson from the Bracken Basic Concept Development Program