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Social media use, excessive screen time, and device dependency: How is it impacting our mental health?

This eBook is the modern psychologist’s ultimate guide to understanding screen addiction and its mental health implications. Download your free copy today

19 February, 2021

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Depression Digital Dependency Assessment Anxiety Telehealth Social Media and Mental Health

We interviewed two leading psychologists – Dr James Courtney, Associate Professor and Clinical Psychologist at Monash University, and Dr Wayne Warburton, Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology at Macquarie University, to unpack the risks of online addiction and screen overuse, to understand what the formative research on device dependency is theorising, and to discuss the value of understanding the relationship between media and human behaviour.

How did this asset come to life? We packaged up two of our most high value articles on this topic to deliver you one all-inclusive asset. We hope it provides rich insights.

So, what’s inside this eBook?

  • Understanding the risks of hyperconnectivity
  • How to encourage digital well-being
  • What is the research telling us about screen addiction?
  • The relationship between media and human behaviour
  • The risks of not addressing pathological levels of screen use
  • The importance of a healthy media diet
  • Plus more...