The power of understanding, in two days

Identifying the needs of learners can be a challenge and sometimes specialist help is hard to come by.
That’s why we’ve created a two-day accreditation workshop to upskill special education teachers, teachers and learning support staff, helping them take the next step in understanding the barriers that learners face.

Because who better to understand the needs of learners than the people closest to them, their teacher.


About the User-level B Accreditation workshop

We deliver face-to-face user-level B training, across two days. This practical workshop is designed to support and upskill teachers, special educators and learning support staff to help assess a student’s cognitive ability, academic achievement, cognitive skills and social-emotional learning.

At this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • the key facets of administration, scoring, interpretation and reporting using various assessment tools
  • how to put your knowledge into practice by using our most popular user-level B assessments, while supervised by experts

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be accredited to use our gold-standard assessments that will help you understand and support the needs of struggling learners.


Learn from the experts

This two-day workshop is developed and run by teacher and psychologist Dr John Munro and our very own assessment expert and psychologist Stewart D’Silva.

Ongoing support

We're here to help you along the way. Once you've completed our two-day workshop, you'll have ongoing support from a user-level B supervisor as well as our team of psychologists

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We have workshops available across Australia in Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin.

Private workshops are also available for group bookings.



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