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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Australian and New Zealand Fifth Edition (CELF-5 A&NZ)

Elisabeth H. Wiig, PhD, Eleanor Semel, EdD, Wayne A. Secord, PhD

The CELF-5 (A&NZ) is a comprehensive battery of subtests that provides a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment for Australian and New Zealand students

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Product Overview
Digital Edition

Age range:

Qualification level: B

Year: 2017

Administration time:

Administration type: Traditional kit with hand scoring or online Q-global Scoring & Reporting/Q-interactive iPad-based Administration and Scoring


The CELF-5 A&NZ is a comprehensive battery of tests that provides you with a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment. It now offers a more robust assessment of pragmatics using observations and interactive activities. Also included are new written language tests, updated norms, and a scoring/reporting platform delivered on Q-global. Available in both traditional and digital editions, CELF-5 A&NZ provides highly accurate diagnostic information with current Australian and New Zealand normative data, reflecting today’s diverse population.

Features and Benefits

Battery of 16 stand-alone tests

  • Ten to eleven of the 16 tests are administered, depending on the student's age
  • New normative data based on the 2011 Australian Census and 2013 New Zealand Census
  • Modifications that reflect the results of multiple research phases and clinician feedback

New features to assess social language skills

  • Report standard scores, percentile ranks, and growth scale values for the Pragmatics Profile
  • Select one of six interactive tasks to rate behaviours observed during authentic communication activities using the Pragmatics Activities Checklist

Targeted assessment of written language

  • Assess Reading Comprehension and Structured Writing
  • Compare skills to oral language performance

Improved usability

  • Option of traditional hard copy printed version or iPad delivery using two iPads (clinician provided)
  • All verbal stimuli and item analyses appear in the Record Form

Digital Edition

Q-global - Web Based Scoring & Reporting

Q-global is Pearson's web-based system for accessing digital resources for assessment, scoring, and reporting. Use any web-enabled computer or tablet - ideal for face-to-face or telepractice assessments!

A CELF-5 Digital Kit is available, including a digital Stimulus Book, digital Manual, and paper record forms. Pay for scoring as you go, see below to determine which subscription option best suits your needs.

Q-global offers:

  • 24/7 secure, web-based access

  • Portability: Q-global can be used on mobile devices such as a laptop or tablet

  • On-demand, reliable scoring and comprehensive reporting solutions

  • Pricing on a per-report basis


Automate your reporting with Q-global:

  • Automatically converts total raw scores to test scaled scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and growth scale values

  • Automatically converts sums of scaled scores to composites scores, including the Core Language and numerous index scores

  • Provides an item analysis of performance on individual tests

  • Generates graphical and narrative reports


Options for Scoring and Reporting on Q-global

Pay Per Report

This option is suitable for customers who only administer CELF-5 A&NZ assessments a few times a year, or for those who want the flexibility to pay only as the assessment is used.

Unlimited Use Subscription

This option provides you access to unlimited scoring and reporting, suitable for customers who administer CELF-5 A&NZ assessments several times a year. Choose from various subscriptions; 12 months, 3 years, or 5 years - depending on your practice needs.

Soon after you place your order, you will receive an email informing you that your CELF-5 digital Manual, Stimulus Book, and/or scoring are available on the Q-global platform. The paper Record Forms included in the Digital Kit will be shipped to you.


Q-interactive - Speech-language Assessments on iPads

Q-interactive is Pearson's web and iPad-based system for interactive, seamless assessment, scoring, and reporting. With Q-interactive, administer interactive assessments with an intuitive, portable system that uses two iPads connected by Bluetooth. The examinee views test stimuli on one iPad; you use the other iPad to access test administration directions and verbal stimuli, control visual stimuli, and record and score responses.

Visit HelloQ for more information about CELF-5 A&NZ Q-interactive >



Q-interactive Video Tour

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Have any questions about the CELF-5 A&NZ on Coviu?
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Getting started on Coviu with CELF-5 A&NZ 
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The CELF 5A&NZ Test Features and Interpretation
Beyond the basics: This 1-hour webinar provides an overview of the CELF-5 A&NZ test structure and item analyses. Advanced test interpretation information will enable you to avoid under- and over-identification of a language disorder for the students you test.
View the webinar


What's new in the CELF-5 (A&NZ)
Angela Kinsella, Consultant Speech Pathologist, introduces the new CELF-5 (A&NZ) and provides a general overview, covering current assessment trends, revision goals, CELF-5 test structure, subtests, Psychometrics and Normative Information.
View the slides    View the webinar


Understanding the CELF-5 A&NZ administration on the iPad and Q-global: Interpreting the results
During this 1 hour webinar with Angela Kinsella, Consultant Speech Pathologist answers clinicians’ FAQs about the CELF-5 A&NZ administration options on iPad vs Q-global.
View the slides 
  View the webinar


Understanding the CELF-5 (A&NZ) Reliability & Validity to Improve Diagnostic Decisions
Reliability and validity of information can help clinicians reduce interpretation errors. Review standard error of measure (SEMs), statistically significant score differences, and the optimal cut score to obtain the best balance of sensitivity and specificity.
View the slides   View the webinar


Accurately interpreting test results when assessing pre-schoolers
An overview of the PLS-5 and CELF P-2 development to assist clinicians to better understand the test items, research samples, and test results. 
View the slides   View the webinar


The Metalinguistic Bridge: Paying the Toll for Classroom Success

This webinar will provide a strong background on metalinguistic ability including (1) metalinguistic awareness, (2) stages of development, (3) performance difficulties and needs, and (4) strategies for improving metalinguistic skills and strategies. 
View the slides    View the webinar


Using the CELF-5 Metalinguistics Battery to Assess Higher Level Language Skills for Classroom Success
Students who have learned basic semantic and grammar skills may still have subtle language deficits which interfere with their ability to keep up with classroom peers. 
View the slides    View the webinar


CELF-5 Administration and Scoring training webinar
Video Password: celf5training

Innovative partnerships: how Pearson Clinical is shaping Speech and Language Assessments

Did you know that delays in speech and language are less likely when hearing loss is diagnosed early, and appropriate intervention strategies are put in place? Recent studies have found that “children identified with hearing loss who begin services before six months old develop language (spoken or signed) on a par with their hearing peers.”

We collaborated with Australian Hearing and University of Canterbury to help Speech Language Pathologists improve intervention strategies for children with speech and language difficulties.

Two years in the making: How we developed CELF-5 for Australia & New Zealand

It took a research and development team of four, a panel of eight experts, an illustrator, 184 speech language pathologists, and more than 1,000 students to research, test, trial, and design the adaptation of CELF-5. After two years of rigorous research, testing, and trials, the newest edition of the gold standard assessment tool is finally here: say hello to CELF-5A&NZ!

The brilliant authors, Elisabeth Wiig, Eleanor Semel, and Wayne Secord delivered CELF-5 to American shores around four years ago. The tool needed to be adapted and standardised specifically for Australian and New Zealand students because of differences in language and culture.

What’s the difference between CELF-4 &
CELF-5A&NZ: Everything SLPs need to know

The eagerly awaited new edition of the leading assessment tool for speech language pathologists is here!

CELF-5A&NZ is a Gold Standard assessment tool that helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in the language skills of children and teenagers from ages 5 to 21.

It’s been 12 years since Pearson Clinical released the last edition (CELF-4) and you can expect a lot of exciting and beneficial updates – from changes to testing, new ways to score students, to refreshed images, and updated normative data that’s now in line with the latest Australian and New Zealand census.