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Quality of Life Inventory

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QOLI Satisfaction Form
51519 Qualification Level B

Single Sheet


AUD 10.34


Publication date:
Completion time:
5 minutes
Individual; Q-global® administration, scoring, and/or reporting, or manual scoring
Age range:
18 years and older
Qualification level:

Product Details

Brief but comprehensive, the QOLI assessment yields an overall score and a profile of problems and strengths in 16 areas of life such as love, work and play. The QOLI test is a measure of positive psychology and mental health.

How to Use This Test

This assessment can help qualified professionals in a variety of settings.

  • In clinical settings, the test is will-suited for planning, evaluating and tracking medical and psychological treatment and patient progress.
  • In substance abuse/chemical dependency programs, test results can help build motivation for treatment and yield a blueprint for a balanced drug-free lifestyle.
  • In positive psychology, personal growth counselling, and employee assistance programs, the assessment measures assets and strengths as well as problems in a non-pathological way.
  • In gerontology settings, the QOLI assessment can be used to help measure “successful aging” as defined by leaders in the field.
  • In career counselling, the test can help predict future job satisfaction and productivity.
  • In research and quality assurance programs, QOLI test results can be used to help measure treatment outcomes for a wide array of physical and psychological disorders.

Key Features

  • Because the QOLI test contains only 32 items and takes just 15 minutes to administer, it can be used to help screen for mental health and physical problems and to help quickly measure a patient’s progress.
  • By helping to identify “real life” issues, the test can help clinicians develop relevant treatment plans and predict future health problems.
  • By providing a positive mental health picture, the assessment can help increase the likelihood that treatment will be successful.
  • In an EAP setting, the assessment can help identify employees whose satisfaction with life may be low. Helping these employees may, in turn, help reduce employers’ health care costs and improve workers’ productivity.

Report Options

Profile Report
The QOLI profile report graphically presents the overall quality of life score and a weighted satisfaction profile for the 16 areas assessed. It also provides a brief narrative description of the person’s overall classification and lists areas of dissatisfaction that may need further exploration.
Progress Report
The progress report summarises the results of up to five administrations of the QOLI assessment.

Q-global® Administration Options

This product is available on Q-global with the following administration options:

On-Screen Administration (OSA)

Your clients can complete these assessment online through Q-global. Alternatively, your client can complete the assessment in paper-pencil format, and their responses can then be data-entered into Q-global for scoring and report generation. On Screen Administrations are proctored (supervised) unless specifically indicated.

Remote On-Screen Administration (ROSA)
These assessments can be emailed to clients, teachers, or parents, so that the assessment can be completed at their own location. These assessments are not proctored (supervised).

Manual Entry - Scoring and Reporting Only (ME)

These assessments are administered in paper-pencil format only, and can be scored by entering raw data into Q-global for scoring and reporting.

If you would like more information, please visit the Q-global product page.



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