Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales

Brown EF/A
Measure DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD along with less apparent impairments of executive functioning
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Brown EF/A Scales Hand-scoring Answer Sheets for Teacher Forms - Ages 3-7
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10–15 minutes
Individual; Q-global® administration, scoring, and/or reporting, or manual scoring
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3 through adult
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Product Details

ADHD is a complex impairment that impacts academic, social, emotional, and behavioural development for both children and adults. As an update to the widely used Brown ADD Scales™ the Brown EF/A Scales goes beyond other measures to screen and assess a wider range of impairments of executive functioning and attention.

Some features of this revision include:

  • Fully updated norms (for ages 3 through adults)
  • New and updated test items that improve clarity and clinical relevance
  • Based on Dr. Brown's six cluster model of executive functions
  • New parent form available for adolescents
  • Both gender-specific and combined-gender norms available for all age groups
  • Includes DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD and more
  • Digital administration and scoring available with Q-global® web-based system

What makes Brown EF/A Scales different?

Helps address situational variability: The clinical presentation of ADHD is generally variable, the symptoms are situational, and the degree to which a patient exhibits them may be observed and interpreted differently by various observers.1 The Brown EF/A scales will provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's ADHD symptoms by analysing their behaviour using multiple perspectives: the examinee's self-perspective, teacher's perspective and parents' perspective.

Items are more specific and contextual: Patients with ADHD experience situational variability and have the ability to focus on certain activities which hold strong interest for them. The Brown EF/A scales will include items that are more specific and ask about difficulties they might encounter in a specific context, e.g. difficulty remembering what has been read (when reading is assigned, not self-selected texts).

Focus on severity as opposed to frequency: The items on the Brown EF/A scales, unlike other instruments will focus on the severity of specific behaviours as opposed to frequency. This will allow examinees to directly and more accurately report symptoms they perceive to be problems.

Includes DSM-5 symptoms of ADHD and more: In addition to diagnostic criteria for ADHD defined in DSM-5, the Brown EF/A scales also assess other important aspects of executive function impairments found in persons with ADHD, but not yet included in DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for ADD/ADHD.


Case Examples Using the new Brown EF/A Scales with various Age Groups and Comorbidities
This webinar will use case examples of children, teens and adults to illustrate how these newly updated and re-normed scales can be used for screening and/or in comprehensive clinical evaluations for ADHD and related problems of executive function. Dr. Brown, author of these scales, will explain how the total composite score shows the likelihood of an individual having significant executive function/attention impairments often associated with ADHD. He will also describe how the six cluster scores can help to provide a profile of specific impairments that may be prioritised and targeted for treatment. This webinar is designed for psychologists and other mental health and medical professionals.
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New Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales: Theory and Clinical Applications for Assessing ADHD
This webinar presented by Dr. Thomas E. Brown, author of these new updated and re-normed EF/A scales, will describe how these scales move beyond current DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for ADHD to elicit important information about six critical executive functions that underlie symptoms of ADHD and related problems. A discussion will describe how these age-normed scales can be used to screen easily for possible ADHD impairments and as a valuable instrument for use in clinical assessment and monitoring of treatment for children, teenagers and adults with ADHD-related impairments.
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Overview of the Brown EF/A Scales
This webinar provides an introduction to the newly-updated, revised and re-normed Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales that can be used to screen, assess and monitor executive function impairments and ADHD across the lifespan. The webinar will describe new features along with administration and reporting functionalities. Dr. Brown will also explain how these unique scales address situational variability of ADHD-related executive functions in preschoolers, children, adolescents and adults.
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