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Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation & Phonology

  • Barbara Dodd
  • Zhu Hua
  • Sharon Crosbie
  • Alison Holm
  • Anne Ozanne
Identify and establish type and extent of speech disorder

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  • DEAP/Toddler Phonology Test Combination Complete Kit
    9780749165741 Qualification Level B


    • DEAP complete kit (examiner's manual, stimulus book and 5 sets of specific record forms (25 per pack) in a carrying case)
    • TPT complete kit (examiner's manual, stimulus book and a pack of 25 record forms in a carrying case)

    AUD 1,138.61

  • DEAP Manual
    9780749119317 Qualification Level B

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  • Q-global DEAP Examiner's Manual (digital)
    9780655797487 Qualification Level B

    AUD 314.27

  • DEAP Articulation and Oro-motor Assessment Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    9780749119348 Qualification Level B

    AUD 88.55

  • DEAP Error Pattern Analysis Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    9780749119362 Qualification Level B

    AUD 88.55

  • DEAP Inconsistency Assessment Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    9780749119379 Qualification Level B

    AUD 88.55

  • DEAP Phonology Assessment Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    9780749119355 Qualification Level B

    AUD 90.86

  • DEAP Summary and Diagnostic Screen Record Forms (Pack of 25)
    9780749119331 Qualification Level B

    AUD 88.55

  • Q-global DEAP Stimulus Book (digital)
    9780655797494 Qualification Level B

    AUD 562.32

  • DEAP Stimulus Book
    9780749119324 Qualification Level B

    AUD 595.43

  • TPT Record Forms
    9780749162078 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25

    AUD 79.53

  • Differential Diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Inconsistent Phonological Disorder (IPD) using the DEAP - On Demand
    A103000361242 Qualification Level A

    Join Professor Barbara Dodd for this one-hour premium webinar where she will discuss how to diagnose a Speech Sound Disorder (SSD) using the DEAP and to distinguish between childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and other speech sound disorders including Inconsistent Phonological Disorder (IPD). Research findings using the DEAP normative and qualitative data will also be highlighted.

    AUD 70.00


Publication date:
Completion time:
5 minute screen plus up to 4 specific assessments
Age range:
3 to 6 years 11 months
Qualification level:

Product Details

Considered the UKs most comprehensive articulation and phonology assessment battery, and check normed in Australia, DEAP detects and differentiates between articulation problems, delayed phonology and consistent versus inconsistent phonological disorder.

The DEAP is time and cost effective. The 5 minute Diagnostic Screen gives clear direction to assessment in the following areas:

  • Articulation
  • Phonology
  • Oro-motor Ability
  • Inconsistency

The assessment provides an evidence base for clinical management decisions and guides selection of therapy targets and therapy type for effective intervention.

Features include:

  • Diagnostic screen with 100% detection of disorder on clinical trials
  • National UK norms
  • Checknormed on 144 Queensland children aged 5:0 to 6:0. No differences found between the two populations
  • Australian results are reported separately from the UK norms in the manual
  • Illustrative case studies and suggested therapy approaches
  • Single sounds, words and connected speech including consonents and vowels
  • Comprehensive listing and definition of processes, phonemes and symbols
  • Full colour stimulus materials


Author of the DEAP, Barbara Dodd presented a workshop on the DEAP.

Please find here links to the workshop materials:

If you would like to view the workshop video, watch it here.

Other resources: