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Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, 3rd Edition

  • Wayne Adams, PhD
  • David Sheslow, PhD
Measures short- and long-term memory and the ability to learn new material in children and adults.
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WRAML3 Technical Manual (Print)
A103000242467 Qualification Level C


AUD 370.92


Publication date:
Completion time:
Screener: 20-30 min; Brief (2 subtests): 12-15 min; Brief (6 subtests): 25-30 min, not including elapsed time; Full administration: 70-90 min
Age range:
5:0-90:11 years old
Qualification level:

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Product Details

The Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, 3rd Edition (WRAML3) measures short- and long-term memory and the ability to learn new material in children and adults. This flexible and engaging lifespan assessment includes updated norms, content, and artwork reflective of today’s population.

The NEW WRAML3 features:

  • Content relevant for lifespan assessments including age appropriate artwork and stories
  • Fun and engaging tasks
  • Expanded coverage of working memory subtests to full age range
  • Appropriate content for diverse populations
  • Additional process scores for in-depth analysis of performance

Why WRAML3? Key benefits of this new edition:

  • Flexible administration options
    • Screener: Subtests can integrate with full battery
    • Brief: Abbreviated, stand-alone battery
    • Full administration
  • Enhanced items and structure
    • New and updated items reflect today’s clients with updated, age-appropriate artwork for a true lifespan assessment
    • New items measure visual delayed memory
    • Improved administration of Finger Windows
  • Updated norms reflective of our diverse population; updated reliability and validity studies
  • Optional web-based scoring and reporting via Q-global®
    • Access to standard scores, scaled scores, and process scores


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