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Pearson is committed to upholding the strict ethical guidelines for psychological testing best-practice and benchmarking as determined by professional bodies including the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the International Test Commission (ITC). In order for us to maintain this position we require all users and purchasers of our products to register with us first before placing an order.

You don’t need to register to view this site, however as a registered test user you have access to our team of professional consultants who can provide:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Group workshops on test administration and interpretation
  • Technical assistance on subtest administration, scoring and interruption, test selection.

In addition you will have access to online ordering, so you can beat the ‘phone’ queue and order anytime, any day, anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Once you have completed the online registration form, you will be assigned a User Level which is based on the information you provided.

Thank you for taking the time to register as a Pearson Test User, we know you understand that registration is a necessary step in securing restricted test materials.

01. Your login details

02. What type of user are you?

  • To speed up the registration process, choose the option which best describes why you are registering.

  • 03. Your organisation details

    This information helps us to better understand the area in which you work. Please select your options from the menus available and choose what best fits you and your area of expertise.
    Note: This is what will appear on your invoice.

    Enter your name if you are not associated with an organisation.

    Do not add Private Practitioner, Sole Trader, Private etc

    Delivery Address (Street and Number)

    We do not deliver to PO Box addresses. Our products must be signed for on delivery, so please enter a street address.

    Start typing your address below and select it from the dropdown menu

    04. Your 'Professional Registration' details

    Registration details determine what ‘User Level’ will be assigned. Please ensure you provide all relevant details when completing the registration form, including your AHPRA or NZ Registration Board professional registration number if relevant.

    Note: if you are a 'provisional' psychologist you will be required to provide your Supervisor’s Name and Professional Registration Number in addition to your own Professional Registration Number. You must also indicate that you have advised your supervisor that you have provided Pearson with these details.

    05. Your qualifications

    06. Your areas of interest

    07. Our Terms and Conditions

    • This form is valid for two (2) years from the date of my signature and I agree to update the information upon request and as necessary to update the information.
    • I am qualified to properly use any Pearson products I order, and I have provided Pearson with only accurate and true qualification information.
    • Any Pearson test products purchased under my account will be used by me and/or under my supervision.
    • Any Pearson test products purchased under my account will be used in accordance with all applicable legal and ethical guidelines.
    • I understand that violation of any Pearson's Terms and Conditions may result in the revocation of my right to purchase as a qualified customer. If there are any changes that may affect my qualification to purchase, I will immediately notify Pearson of such changes.
    • I have read and hereby agree to Pearson's Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy and will abide by the Pearson Terms and Conditions and Qualification Policies (as may be modified or amended by Pearson). I agree I will not resell any Pearson Products.