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Sensory Processing Measure (SPM & SPM-P) Quick Tips

Diana A. Henry, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

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Age range: 2-12 years

Qualification level: B

Year: 2016

Administration time: N/A

Administration type: N/A

The new SPM and SPM-P Quick Tips is a collection of strategies for integrating sensory-based activities into a child’s everyday life. It’s a navigation tool to help answer the question “what’s next?” following administration of the SPM or SPM-P.

Key features:

  • Offers a framework based on careful standardised assessment developed from observations across multiple environments

  • Supports practitioners in using clinical reasoning and consultation skills in the intervention process

  • Provides a means of measuring qualitative progress 

  • Uses parent- and teacher-friendly language

  • Offers valuable information to assist in making decisions about intervention strategies based on clinical reasoning

  • Includes a data recording system to monitor progress

Primary users of the Quick Tips are occupational therapy practitioners in clinical, school, and community settings who have mentored with a sensory integration (SI) expert or are trained in SI and sensory processing. Teachers, school personnel and other professionals can use the strategies and techniques as long as the therapy practitioner responsible for interpreting administration results provides direction.


Comparing and contrasting the Sensory Profile-2 and the Sensory Processing Measure
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Interpretation of the Sensory Profile 2
This webinar is designed for clinicians who are currently using either the Sensory Profile 2 or Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile. 
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Introduction to Dunn's sensory processing framework
This webinar is designed for clinicians who are new to the Sensory Profile and Dunn’s framework, on which the tool is based. 
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Introducing the SPM and SPM-P Quick Tips
A webinar for clinicians who use the Sensory Processing Measure (SPM) and/or the Sensory Processing Measure Preschool version (SPM-P). 
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Using the Sensory Profile 2 with complex cases
This webinar will use case studies to illustrate the way the Sensory Profile-2 can play an integral role in identifying and understanding the sensory needs of children/adolescents with complex and challenging presentations.
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Using the SP-2 with Q-global
This webinar will guide you through the process of administering and generating reports for the Sensory Profile 2 using Q-global, including setting up client information, choosing the mode of assessment and generating both summary and full reports
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Sensory Modulation & Mental Health Practice Applications
This webinar was presented in 2011 by Tina Champagne.
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