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PODCAST: Episode 1 — Overcoming roadblocks and taking control of career progression in psychology

Dr Tae Hee Jung, Consultant Psychologist at Pearson Clinical Assessment, discusses the importance of career progression, how to overcome periods of stagnation and more on episode 1 of the Psychology Digest podcast.

19 August, 2020

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Professional Development & Mentorship

Welcome to episode 1 of the Psychology Digest podcast, brought to you by Pearson Clinical Assessment.

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr Tae Hee Jung, one of Pearson Clinical Assessment’s Consultant Psychologists, to discuss the importance of career progression and how to overcome periods of stagnation in psychology.

We dive into Dr Jung’s background as an organisational psychologist (0:45), how COVID-19 has affected work habits and its impact on psychology (1:35), the stages of professional development for psychologists (5:01), tips for psychologists on enabling career progression (6:35), how psychologists can navigate through periods of stagnation (8:16), insights on the approach to upskilling and the importance of business literacy in psychology (10:19), how psychologists can structure their practices to achieve positive outcomes (15:01), advice for psychologists looking to specialise in different areas of organisational psychology (16:30), and Dr Jung provides perspective on the key trends to look out for in psychology (17:55).

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