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Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices Plus (SPM Plus) Online

J. C. Raven

With increased item difficulty over the SPM, assess ability to make sense of more complex situations

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Age range: Adult

Qualification level: B

Year: 1998

Administration time: 30 Minutes (untimed)

Administration type: Individual or group (online)

Raven’s SPM Plus is a test of observation skills and clear-thinking ability. It offers insight about someone’s capacity to observe, solve problems, and learn.

The SPM Plus contains more difficult items than the Raven’s SPM. There is no time limit for the SPM Plus.

The SPM Plus score can be used as an indication of a candidate’s potential for success in professional, management and high-level technical positions that require clear thinking, problem identification, holistic situation assessment, and monitoring of tentative solutions for consistency with all available information. The SPM Plus score also can be used for developmental purposes in occupational and educational settings. The nonverbal nature of the SPM Plus minimises the impact of cultural or language bias.