• C. E. Kellogg
  • N. W. Morton
A nonverbal measure of cognitive abilities in adults
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Beta-4 Manual
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Product Details

Beta-4 provides a quick assessment of adult nonverbal intellectual abilities and minimises the need for lengthier assessments. Beta-4 is easy to administer and score and is useful for screening large numbers of people for whom administering comprehensive test batteries would be time-consuming and costly. It is especially useful when assessing lower functioning individuals or those for whom a language based assessment is inappropriate. Beta-4 can be administered in groups or individually. Beta-4 is an updated version of the Beta-III Examination, Third Edition, published in 1999.

Various Applications

The Beta-4 has a variety of occupational and educational applications and can be used with diverse adult populations with a wide range of cognitive and language skills. Appropriate uses include correctional setting when assessing the intellectual ability of inmates, assessing adults with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, adults with language difficulties. No reading is required by the examinee.

Reliable and Valid

Extensive reliability and validity studies were conducted with Beta-4. The norm sample includes approximately 1,035 adults. Validation data were collected using individuals with specific group samples, including mild/moderate intellectual disability, gifted and talented, corrections, English as a second language, Spanish language speakers and ADHD. The standardization sample was stratified by age, gender, race/ethnicity, educational level, and geographic region according to 2014 census data.

Beta-4 was validated using other well-known tests, including the Beta III, WAIS®-IV, Wechsler Fundamentals Academic Skills.

Features & Benefits

Beta-4 features:

  • New norms
  • Updated and contemporary artwork
  • New items
  • Extended (upward) age range
  • Low floors for individuals with average and lower cognitive abilities
  • High ceiling with more challenging items
  • Simplified and streamlined instructions to make it easier for individual administration or proctoring in group settings

Areas of Assessment

The five subtests are:

  • Coding
  • Picture Completion
  • Clerical Checking
  • Picture Absurdities
  • Matrix Reasoning