Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota

  • Ruth Rustad
  • Terry DeGroot
  • Margaret Jungunz
  • Karen Freeberg
  • Laureen Borowick
  • Ann Wanttie
Assess the cognitive abilities of adults with neurological impairments
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Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota Score Booklets
0761647465 Qualification Level B

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40 minutes
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The Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota is an objective measure that helps provide an overview of cognitive functioning in adults. The test can be used as a baseline, to help guide further assessment and intervention, and to aid in discharge planning. Written by occupational therapists, the test has an emphasis on functional cognition and contains 17 subtests covering attention span, memory, orientation, visual neglect, temporal awareness, recall/ recognition, auditory memory and sequencing, simple maths skills, safety, problem solving and judgement.