Hare Psychopathy Checklist Revised - 2nd Edition

Hare PCL-R:2
Assess adults for psychopathic personality disorders
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Publication date:
Completion time:
1 to 2 hours
Individual; Manual scoring
Age range:
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Product Details

Hare PCL-R:2 is a 20-item symptom-construct rating scale designed to assess psychopathic (antisocial) personality disorders in forensic populations. It provides complete coverage of the domain of psychopathic traits and behaviours.

The PCL-R:2 Rating Booklet facilitates rating the 20-item scale, and the Quikscore Form is used to record the ratings, obtain the scores, and profi le the results. The ratings are based on responses to the semi-structured interview and on a review of collateral information.

Scoring is based on the degree to which a person’s personality/behaviour matches the Rating Booklet items. The manual provides item descriptions, scoring procedures, extensive reliability and validity information, and normative data. Expanded for use with offenders in several countries, PCL-R:2 has become the international standard for the assessment of psychopathy.