At Pearson Clinical, we publish assessments used by allied health professionals and education specialists to support development, learning and wellbeing across the life span. Our assessments cover intelligence, memory, neurocognitive functioning, speech and language, personality, social skills, academic achievement, motor ability and more. As part of our development process, we collect data to find out how people across age groups typically perform on our assessments. 

As an examiner, your role will be to recruit participants and collect data for the standardisation phase of the development of our assessments. In this phase, the assessment is tested under standard conditions with members of the community. The sample collected during the standardisation phase will reflect population characteristics captured by the census. Projects can include a retest reliability study, multiple validity studies, and the inclusion of examinees with clinical diagnoses. If you are selected to work with us as an examiner, you will receive training in the new assessment before testing participants. Please complete this form if you are interested in learning more about our upcoming projects. 

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At Pearson Clinical, we publish assessment tools for use in health, education, and private practice settings. Our assessments cover areas such as general ability, language, cognition, and motor skills. Development of an assessment involves collecting data from many people from the population. The assessment is tested under standard conditions to find out how people typically perform. Once the assessment has been published and is being used in clinical practice, clinicians can use the scores as a benchmark to know how an individual is performing. Our development team is always looking for children, adults, and schools to take part as participants in the development process.

Participants will be asked to do activities, tasks, or games with a trained researcher. Sessions take place at a time and location convenient to you and the researcher. Each participant will receive a gift card as a thank you for taking part. Value of the gift card will vary for each research project.

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