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Motor Speech Matters

Margaret Manning, Anna Correll, Alinka Krol, Jo Murray, Anne Walter

A comprehensive treatment resource for motor speech disorders

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Age range: Adults

Qualification level: B

Year: 2012

Administration time:

Administration type:

Motor Speech Matters is a comprehensive, easy-to-use resource for the speech based behavioural management of motor-speech disorders. Ideal for the busy clinician, this resource was developed in Australia and features:

  • hierarchically structured content
  • the use of familiar, everyday words as core vocabulary
  • culturally appropriate language and speech sound arrangements for Australia and New Zealand
  • easy to read stimulus materials in large, clear font
  • reproducible therapy sheets you can photocopy or print from the enclosed CD

Motor Speech Matters is designed for use with adults but may also be useful for school age children and adolescents with motor speech disorders.

Ten chapters of speech stimulus items, structured around place and manner of articulation, voicing, motor complexity and length, and can be used to target different components of the motor speech system via speech tasks - articulation, resonance, phonation, respiration, and prosody. Chapters include:

  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Minimal pairs
  • Consonant clusters
  • Multi-syllabic words
  • Sentences and paragraphs
  • A chapter dedicated to functional stimulus items

Items can be paired with biofeedback tools such as a sound level meter or biofeedback software when a specific motor behaviour or acoustic result is the focus of treatment.

Use all or any of the chapters to structure an individually tailored program, progressing through a hierarchy of increasing length and complexity to match the client’s goals, gains and needs. This resource is also ideal for targeting different levels of output with ease of therapy planning. Using this resource you can choose whether to target a specific impairment or component of speech production singularly or simultaneously with other impairments or goals.