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Using Pearson Assessments in your research


Applying for research discounts

If you are planning to use commercially available Pearson clinical assessments in your research, you may be eligible for a research discount. Please download the information pack below, which provides an outline of the application process and includes the discount request form.

The research must have Ethics Approval before we can consider a request for assistance.

Download the information pack


Permissions and Licencing Requests

Unless otherwise stated, all materials sold by Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment are protected under the Copyright Act of 1968. Products, including assessment materials and record forms, are not to be reproduced, adapted or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system including digitised systems. To do so is a legal violation of the Act. If your research requires the use of these materials in any way other than the way they were published, you need to submit a permissions or licencing request.

Type of request

Request form

Permission granting requests, such as:

  • Reproduction of materials – request to reproduce a test form that is
    no longer in print
  • Modification of materials – request for enlarged print or braille
  • Book grant - request to use a piece of a product, such as sample items
    or other non-sensitive materials, in a book to be published
  • Other various permission requests, such as permission to transfer test
    results to an electronic medical records file, permission for limited
    display of test materials to be used for education or training purposes,
    or permission to reproduce a test form for IRB approval

Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a Permission Granting Request

Research licence requests (non-pharmaceutical companies), requests to adapt or change the materials. Including putting Pearson content on a third party platform. Including the right to translate if needed.


Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a Research Licence Request.

Standardisation data licence requests (i.e., researchers request access to the data generated during the assessment test standardisation for reliability and validity).

Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a request to use Pearson data in a research project.

Commercial licence requests, such as a company requesting to place an
assessment on its own platform.


Please complete and submit this online form to initiate a Commercial Licence Request.

For more information please contact us at info@pearsonclinical.com.au