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Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory-II

The MACI-II helps practitioners from a variety of settings assess personality patterns, expressed concerns, and clinical symptoms while its therapeutic focus will assist in making reliable diagnostic and treatment decisions.
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MACI-II Step-Down Test Booklet with Answer Sheet
A103000165344 Qualification Level C


AUD 93.17


Publication date:
Completion time:
20-25 minutes (160 true/false items)
Paper-and-pencil, computer, or online administration
Age range:
Qualification level:

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Product Details

The MACI®-II  (Millon® Adolescent Clinical Inventory-II) was developed specifically for teens and adolescents to assess mental health and behaviour concerns often unique to their age group, and assist in making reliable diagnostic and treatment decisions. Developed for teens. Updated for today.


Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

New features

  • New and updated test items
  • New and improved narrative report content that is simpler and better integrates results with current therapeutic practice while linking to personalised treatment.
  • Three new Clinical Syndrome scales (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Reality Distortions), to reflect current clinical presentations and providing deeper understanding of clients presenting with these concerns
  • Full normative update (N = 1,143, combined gender), more closely representing the current clinical adolescent population
  • Updated Grossman Facet Scales, including three new scales
  • Test item content uses age appropriate language and reading level was lowered to 4th Grade
  • New digital end-to-end workflow with the introduction of a digital manual option via Q-global, Pearson's web-based scoring and reporting platform
  • New and updated Noteworthy Response categories
  • Validated against expert clinician judgments and other leading self-report inventories for this age group


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