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Treating Eating Problems

  • Keith Williams
  • Richard Foxx
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities
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Eating difficulties in children with ASD are a common cause of distress for parents and caregivers.  This is a two-part book written for caregivers and professionals that presents practical behavioural interventions and approaches for solving a variety of eating and feeding problems.

  • Part One was specifically written for teachers, parents, and caregivers with no prior professional experience or training in feeding problems.
  • Part Two was written for professionals, providing detailed information on how to apply behavioural assessment and develop individualised interventions based on a child’s eating behaviors.

The behavioural interventions and procedures presented in this book can also be integrated into oral motor or dysphagia therapy, making this a valuable resource for allied health professionals working with children on the autism spectrum and also a variety of other difficulties