We may take longer to deliver than normal due to local and international delivery delays. To get your learning resources straight away digital products are also available to purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

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As a leader in clinical assessment, we’re committed to providing you with a range of assessment platform options so you can support your clients in the most appropriate way, wherever you or they are.

Our Q-global platform and our assessments on Coviu will provide you with more flexibility and administration choices so you can continue to assess your clients when in-person sessions are not practical or feasible.

We've put together all the essential information, tools, and resources on telehealth into one handy booklet.

Download the Telehealth Booklet

Download the Telehealth Booklet



  Q-global   Coviu

New digital resources are now available on Q-global!

Secure and reliable, our Q-global platform helps clinicians administer assessments digitally (including via telehealth), generate scores and produce accurate, comprehensive reports.

We have a vast range of our assessments available on the Q-global platform.

Click here to purchase your digital resources.

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We've partnered with Coviu, a telehealth platform, to help you set up your very own virtual and secure practice so that you can continue to support your clients anywhere, at a time that suits you both, in the comforts of your homes.

There are a range of stimulus books available on Coviu including, the CELF-5 A&NZ, WISC-V A&NZ, WAIS-IV A&NZ, WIAT-III A&NZ, KBIT-2, RBANS Update, GFTA-3, PPVT-5, EVT-3 and more.

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Telehealth Guidelines by Product

To help you administer our top assessments via Telehealth, we’ve created best practice guidelines.

Please click here to find the specific guidelines developed for the product you are considering administering via Telehealth.

Note: for WISC-V A&NZ users, please click here to access the Nonmotor Full Scale Score (NMFSS)


Disinfecting test materials 

When face to face assessments are necessary, it's vital that you disinfect your test materials.

Click here to learn more

Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Click here for a guide of using PPE in assessment.


Additional Telehealth Resources

Examiner assessment checklist for school practitioners

Examiner assessment checklist for clinical practitioners

Special Considerations for Score Interpretation

Hello Examinee: Remote Administration Preparation Letter

Remote Assessment Setups

Evidence for Remote Assessment

Appropriate Use of Pearson Clinical Assessment Content

FAQs about Telehealth for Speech Pathologists


Learn how to implement telehealth to your practice with our webinars presented by our clinicians as well as experts in the industry.

Premium Webinar - Telehealth Beyond COVID-19
Join a Q&A event hosted by the team at Therapy Connect who will discuss your frequently asked questions and concerns regarding telehealth.
Cost: $30.00 AUD (includes GST)
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Essentials for getting started in telehealth
From video platform selection to pricing, from data security to cameras, there are a number of things to get right when you launch a digital health service. In this session, physiotherapist and telehealth clinician Karen Finnin will guide you through
all of the essentials you need to know in order to take your
health service online.
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Embracing Telehealth: How to use the CELF 5 A&NZ via Q-global
In this webinar we will explore what telehealth is, factors to consider in deciding when and how to use it, and how to incorporate standardised assessments into your telepractice.
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Psychometric Assessments and Telehealth - A Practical Guide
Join Dr Melissa Stephens & Angela Kinsella along with Dr Kristina Haebich and Pete Simpson-Young from Coviou as they discuss how to deliver psychometric assessment via telehealth.
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Getting started on Coviu with WISC-V A&NZ
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Pearson + Coviu - Q&As on the WISC-V A&NZ assessment
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Getting started on Coviu with CELF-5 A&NZ
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Pearson + Coviu - Q&As on the CELF-5 A&NZ assessment
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