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Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI)

Brief adolescent personality inventory

By Theodore Millon, Carrie Millon, Roger Davis and Seth Grossman

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Age range
13 years to 19 years old
Administration time
25 to 30 minutes
Administration type
Individual; Q-global® administration, scoring, and/or reporting, or manual scoring

New version > Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory-II (MACI-II)


Unlike many other instruments developed for adults and adapted for adolescents, the MACI assessment was specifically created to address the unique concerns, pressures and situations facing teens.

This dedicated tool, enhanced by the addition of Grossman Facet Scales, helps assess personality patterns as well as self-reported concerns and clinical symptoms.

Brief and easy to administer, the MACI test can assist practitioners in constructing treatment plans customised to individual needs—and help them guide troubled youth towards healthier, more authentic lives.

This versatile instrument is essential in helping to:

  • Conduct detailed evaluations to confirm diagnostic hypotheses

  • Create individualised treatment planning

  • Measure progress before, during and after treatment

Key Features

To help you formulate more precise treatment plans, the Grossman Facet Scales identify personality processes (e.g., self-image, mood temperament) that underlie overall scale elevations on the Personality Pattern scales. Each personality scale now has three facet scales, for which results are presented in the automated reports.

Using an age-appropriate format, the MACI test helps measure a number of factors closely associated with adolescents, including Sexual Discomfort, Substance Abuse Proneness, Suicidal Tendency and Eating Dysfunctions.

Taking 30 minutes or less to complete, the MACI test is designed to obtain the maximum amount of information with a minimal amount of the test-taker’s effort — a feature that mental health professionals have found especially helpful in working with adolescents.


The normative population of the MACI test consists exclusively of clinical adolescent patients, offering relevant comparisons. The sample includes 1,017 adolescents from outpatient, inpatient and residential treatment programs in 28 states and Canada. The delineation of four distinct norm groups further enhances the test’s usefulness:

  • Males 13–15 years old

  • Females 13–15 years old

  • Males 16–19 years old

  • Females 16–19 years old


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ROSA - Remote on screen Administration
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ISBN Title User Level Price
9781925038415 MACI Q-global Profile Report
A usage includes the administration (OSA), scoring and reporting
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9781925038408 MACI Q-global Interpretive Report
A usage includes the administration (OSA), scoring and reporting
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Hand Scoring Materials

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9314994233728 MACI Hand Scoring Starter Kit includes:
Hand Scoring User's Guide,
10 Test Booklets,
50 Answer Sheets,
50 Worksheets,
50 Profile Forms
Answer Keys
C $814.00 Login to purchase
9314994230437 MACI Hand Scoring Reorder Kit includes:
50 Answer Sheets,
50 Worksheets,
50 Profile Forms
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9314994231649 MACI Manual (Print) C $96.00 Login to purchase
9314994230451 MACI Hand Scoring Test Booklets (Pack of 10) C $66.00 Login to purchase
9314994233773 MACI Hand Scoring Answer Sheets (Pack of 50) C $128.00 Login to purchase
9314994230468 MACI Worksheets (Pack of 50) C $127.00 Login to purchase
9314994230420 MACI Profile Forms (Pack of 50) C $123.00 Login to purchase
9314994236194 MACI / M-PACI Training DVD
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Q Local

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9314994230444 MACI Q Local Answer Sheets
(Pack of 25)
C $60.00 Login to purchase

To activate reports please call the Pearson Clinical Assessment Client Services Team on 1800 882 385 (AUS) or 0800 942 722 (NZ)

ISBN Title User Level Price
9314994234664 MACI Q Local Profile Report C $34.00
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9314994234084 MACI Q Local Interpretive Report C $44.00
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Technical Information

Technical Information

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