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Quickview Social History (QVW)

Ronald A. Giannetti, PhD

Provides a complete psychosocial history in nine major areas

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Technical Information

Age range: 16 years and older

Qualification level: C

Year: 1993

Administration time: 30-45 minutes

Administration type:

The Quickview® Social History inventory helps provide the clinician with a complete psychosocial history in nine major areas in a limited amount of time. Clinicians can use this test to help:

  • Screen for social, psychological, and physical problems to aid diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Facilitate DSM-IV® diagnostic classification

  • Clarify client history for follow-up interviews

  • Expedite routine data collection and report writing

Key Features

  • Enables the clinician or other staff to collect a standardized set of social and clinical data on every client with a minimal amount of administration time.

  • Designed to help meet Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations’ (JCAHO) consolidated standards for psychological assessment


Areas of Inquiry

  • Demographics and Identifying Data

  • Developmental History

  • Family of Origin

  • Educational History

  • Marital History

  • Occupational History/Financial Status

  • Legal History

  • Military History

  • Symptom Screen (psychological and physical)

Report Option

Interpretive Report
The report provides a narrative description of client demographic and clinical information. The Symptom Screen section presents client-reported information about general and mental health status. The Follow-Up Interview Summary presents data in a format that is useful for subsequent interviews.


Technical Information

Q-global® Administration Options

This product is available on Q-global with the following administration options:

On-Screen Administration (OSA)

Your clients can complete these assessment online through Q-global. Alternatively, your client can complete the assessment in paper-pencil format, and their responses can then be data-entered into Q-global for scoring and report generation. On Screen Administrations are proctored (supervised) unless specifically indicated.

Manual Entry - Scoring and Reporting Only (ME)

These assessments are administered in paper-pencil format only, and can be scored by entering raw data into Q-global for scoring and reporting.

If you would like more information, please visit the Q-global product page,