Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, Third Edition Brief Form (KTEA™-3 Brief)

Brief, individually administered measure of achievement in reading, maths, and written expression.

By Alan S. Kaufman, PhD, Nadeen L. Kaufman, PhD

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Age range
4 years to 25 years 11 months
Administration time
20 minutes
Administration type
Individual, Q-global

Quick test. Powerful results.

Introducing the KTEA-3 Brief, for ages 4:0 – 25:11. This easy-to-administer tool yields a truly valid and reliable assessment using six core subtests from the KTEA-3 Comprehensive Form B. 

Customise the test battery to suit your needs

For grade K through age 25, the KTEA-3 Brief offers two overall estimates of academic skills: a 3-subtest Brief Achievement composite (BA-3) and an Academic Skills Battery (ASB) composite. The ASB battery also yields core composites in Reading, Maths, and Written Language for evaluating academic strengths and weaknesses.

For children in Pre-K, the Brief offers a Reading composite and the ASB composite.

The KTEA-3 Brief is ideal as a stand-alone screener of basic academic skills. Correlations between the BA-3 and the more comprehensive ASB composite are high (.9+) at every grade and age level. In about 20 minutes, obtain a BA-3 composite by administering just three subtests:

  • Letter and Word Recognition
  • Math Computation
  • Spelling

If more information is needed for pre-referral, re-testing, or progress monitoring, composites for Reading, Maths, and Written Language are available by administering the three additional Brief subtests:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Math Concepts and Applications
  • Written Expression

Apply the KTEA-3 Brief results to the Comprehensive Form

When KTEA-3 Brief results indicate that further evaluation is needed, you can incorporate the Brief standard scores when reporting results with the KTEA-3 Comprehensive Form A or Form B. No need to re-administer those subtests! Standard scores from the Brief may be used interchangeably with the subtest and composite standard scores from the Comprehensive Form.

Gain a deeper understanding of achievement gaps with the KTEA-3 Comprehensive Form

Use this comprehensive assessment of academic skills to:

  • Address additional areas of academic achievement, such as fluency in reading, writing, and math
  • Yield additional composite scores, such as in Oral Language
  • Identify specific skill strengths and weaknesses through error analysis
  • Conduct analyses for the identification of a specific learning disability

For more information about KTEA-3 digital, go to www.helloq.com.au/ktea-3


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Q-global Online Scoring and Reporting

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9781488689949 Q-global KTEA-3 Breif Unlimited-Use Scoring
1 Year Subscription (per user) for generating reports administered using paper forms
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9781488606991 KTEA-3 Brief Q-global Score Report B $2.00 Login to purchase


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9781488692055 KTEA-3 Brief Complete Kit: includes Administration Manual, Stimulus Book, USB Flash Drive (contains Technical Manual, Audio Files), Record Form (25), Response Booklet (25), and Form B Written Expression Booklet (2 each of Levels 2-4) B $470.00 Login to purchase

Additional Materials

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9781488692062 KTEA-3 Brief Administration Manual B $91.00 Login to purchase
9781488692079 KTEA-3 Brief Stimulus Book B $283.00 Login to purchase
9781488692086 KTEA-3 Brief Record Forms
Pack of 25
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9781488692093 KTEA-3 Brief Student Response Booklets
Pack of 25
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9781488692109 KTEA-3 Brief Record Form/Response Booklet Bundle B $97.00 Login to purchase
9781488690310 KTEA-3 Comprehensive Written Expression Level 2 Booklet Form B (grades 1-2) pack of 10 B $21.00 Login to purchase
9781488690327 KTEA-3 Comprehensive Written Expression Level 3 Booklet Form B (grades 3-5) pack of10 B $21.00 Login to purchase
9781488690334 KTEA-3 Comprehensive Written Expression Level 4 Booklet Form B (grades 6-12+) pack of 10 B $21.00 Login to purchase

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